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    first attempt

    I re-did it in Rhino but still have to tweak it. There are too many parts that cause an accrued intolerance. I am going to redesign the construction procedure and eliminate the framework. I am not sure what will be the final procedure as it will evolve (devolve?). It is not finished as my six year old will not put it down so I am going to give it to him and build another one. Billy, if I may be so bold, your model is excellent. Your link is excellent and I am going to use it to model that Ekranoplan. Thanks. I love these things. There was talk of using one for high speed traffic up and down the coast of Long Island, New York for Casino traffic but people here are not progressive enough. Russian aircraft have always fascinated me, they seem to have tried everything and enough credit is not given to them for their contribution to aviation.
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    Do you mind to coment something about your modeling process? What do you do? Do you import the 3d views in Rhino? Maybe you can share a pic of your model?

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    @Alcides, I took the files from the Russian website and combined them into a panoramic image using XNVIEW. I then placed that image as a "backround bitmap" under "views" in Rhino. The panoramic image allows proper scaling between the pages. I then used the "curve" commands to outline the pictures. I would then use the "patch" command to fill in the shapes and then "group" them together with the curve to facilitate managing them. I would take the parts and divide them in half and "mirror image" under "transform" so they would be symmetrical. I did this with the wings as to have identical parts and also divided the bulkheads to have a symmetrical bulkheads. I used the "test" command to write "ESKA" and then outlined the "ESKA" letters and used the same procedures so I could position them. I 3d scaled the letters to mount them onto the rudder.I am not sure what type of image you wanted. If you could elaborate on that I would be more than happy to comply.
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    Zathros thank you for take the time to write the process.

    Well, I was thinking about a picture from Rhino with the bitmap as background and some lines in the model. Just to see how this has to look.

    Thanks again
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    Here is a pic for you Alcides.

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    New Ekranoplan

    I have put the Russian Ekranoplan on hold till I can find out if re-doing it is "piracy or not. I am now working on an Ekranoplan based on the link provided by Billi Leliveld. Here's a pic of it so far.

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    Oh boy!

    Hello all,

    I just dropped by this forum to check if there was anything new in the area of ekronplans and !WOW! you guys have been busy!!

    As I stated earlier, work schedule and lack of acumen with rhino and other 3d software prevent me from becoming too actively involved in the design process. However, let me just say that what I've seen from the contributors so far has been very impressive indeed.

    Zathros, your re-do of the Eskra is absolutely top shelf. (Wouldn't that look sweet printed on high gloss paper??). I think your cautious approach to possible copyright issues is also wise. I look forward to (hopefully) seeing the final version of your work.

    Billy, I was doing triple back flips when I heard you are working on the Lun. Remember, I want one when you are done.;>

    Let me just lend my encouragement to you two model buffs (and others) to keep up the good work. It is truly inspiring!

    I look forward to reading more about the adventures in WING IN GROUND EFFECT land.
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    Thanks for the encouragement Mike. :grin: I have started a build thread on my Ekronoplan model in the Parts Bin/Aircraft section. I was informed that was a good area for designers to post their works. There is a pic of the first paper hull. I am working on the wings next. This one is a two seat models according to the diagrams that Billy posted in this thread. I am doing it in Rhino so if you want I can share how I did it. I don't guarantee it is the right method :p but there seems to be many ways to do things in Rhino.
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    I found another website hosting ESKA-1 Ekrnoplan. It is a very fast download, it took me about 2 minutes for the whole craft. It's on the middle right of the page, a 5 part download. It is in .rar form. Here's the link:
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    Yo guys!

    I apologize for bringing this old thread back but...

    Was anybody able to design a paper model of the "Monster of the Caspian" Ekranoplan?

    I like the small private Ekranoplan but I'd really love to see a paper model of the big monster types (LUN).

    I'm looking at the russian museum paper models site but I can't decipher any of the Cyrillic writings :(

  11. Bengt F

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    The "Lun" and "Orlyonok" Russian WIG Ekranoplanes

    Hi Billy,

    Yes, those two are very impressive things, aren´t they? They 'flew' really fast above the surface of the Caspian sea in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

    Did you know that you actually can see them both from the satellites with the aid of Google Earth? I have spotted them both - the biggest 'Lun' is rusting away in a dry dock in the harbour of the town of Kaspiysk, on the western shore of the Caspian Sea in Russia.
    It´s characteristic white silhouette with the short, rectangular wings and the big airplane-looking tail just cannot be missed. It is very near the water in the harbour. The somewhat smaller (and newer) 'Orlyonok' can be spotted on the 'seaport' for amphibious vessels a little bit further south of the harbour - it is lying on a landing strip a bit away from the shore (to the west). Just follow the shoreline down from Kaspiysk harbour. Near the shore are a few (probably active at the time of the satellite pictures) hovercrafts in different sizes.

    As far as I know, there are no state-of-the-art card models of either of the big Russian WingInGround "Caspian Sea Monsters". I have looked around, for example at I have seen a very beautiful scratch-built resin model of the 'Orlyonok' somewhere on the web, though.
    This is another model of the 'Orlyonok' A-90 ('Eaglet') - apparently a ready made 1:144 scale plastic model, built and beautifully painted by Caz Dalton in 2000:

    I know you have the fine blue book about their history (thanks again for the tip!) and I assume that you have seen all the amazing videos on YouTube and other sites: Sea Monsters&search=Search

    By the way, how is the Bell X-2 build advancing? Will you do a Langley or Edwards Air Force Base diorama, perhaps?

    Greetings from Stockholm,
    Bengt :smile:
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    I guess you are referring to JTDigest - try using an on-line translator like There are a few Russian speakers around in this forum - I guess they would be able to help with specific terms.


  13. I made a start with the LUN, it's the first time I ever tried something like that, I already found some information, still looking for more ...
    But it's a complicated shape, so I deicided to do a simpler plane first to get the hang of it; the X-2
    so it's 'on hold' for now
    Cheers Billy
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    interesting craft :)

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