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  1. Here's another one;
    They were called Ekranoplanes,or the Monsters of The Kaspian sea, made by the Russians in the seventies,
    They could hardly fly at all , but they look terrific, does any body know if there's a model around?

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  2. Mike Hinrichs

    Mike Hinrichs New Member

    Ekranoplan paper model


    Try this site.

    Everything is in russian, but their is a simple model of an Ekranoplan their (I cant remember which one, but I thing it is on the right column.) If you click on an image file, be prepared to wait a LOOONNGGGGG time for it to donwload.

    Good luck
  3. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Tidbit - the ekranoplanes were really neither plane nor boat, but an interesting hybrid known as a W.I.G. (wing in ground effect).
  4. Hey Thanks Mike, do you have any clue what the download file is? My knowledge of Russian stops at Nasdrovje!,
  5. Mike Hinrichs

    Mike Hinrichs New Member



    My Russian is rusty, but no file has the name Ekranoplan on it. I'm testing a few files and I'll let you know which one it is. Problem is it just takes soooooo looooonnnggggg for the files to download.

    Hang tight, I'll keep you posted.

    By the way, here's some more info on our Wing in Ground Effect vehicles. Thanks Texman for the clarification.

  6. Wigs

    Yes, :twisted: actualy we should ask the Ricksteff to open up a special catagory for these WIG's
    Cheers, Billy
  7. Mike Hinrichs

    Mike Hinrichs New Member

    Found it!


    Okay, my bad. The file is under "aircraft" (I had a 50/50 shot). It is a model of one of the smaller types, the ESKA-1, but it looks cool non-the-less.

    Go to this site:

    The LEFT HAND COLUMN is divided into 3 subsections with a large blue bold title above each. The last file of the second section is your target. The file has five tiles. It is called ekronlet ESK-1.

    Good luck.
  8. Gotit

    Thanks Mike, I've got it, looks beautiful, It looks like a scan of a model from the seventies, which has been lying in the rain sometime, but I realy love those kind of things..
    BTW, that server of the museum runs on diesel I guess:-D

    Thanks again,
  9. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member

    Yep, WIGs are not designed to fly high like an airplane. The shape of the hull and wings traps a bubble of air under the craft and it sort of power glides along on the bubble. If it gets too high the ground effect will be lost.

    A while back I posted a link that has a simple model of a WISE (Wing In Surface Effect) demonstration. It is a quick and easy build that gives you some insight into how the larger craft like the Ekranoplan work. There was a show on The History Channel a few years ago that showed those Russian craft in action.

    Here is the link to the WISE mode.
    In PDF format:
    WISE model PDF

    In jpeg to be printed at 200%:
    WISE jpeg
  10. :-D Is it a bird ?
    Is it a plane ?
    No, it's Superwig!
  11. Mike Hinrichs

    Mike Hinrichs New Member

    Cool Stuff

    Hey SCEtoAux,

    Cool model. Billy et al, if any of you come across other interesting models of WIGs or other unusual vehicles, I'd love the links.

    Thanks for an interesting thread.

  12. Found this picture, ain't he (or is it a she) cute?

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  13. barry

    barry Active Member

    Sea Monster

    I just got to have one of those !!!

    Thanks for the pic
  14. lizzienewell

    lizzienewell Member

    I was wondering when more intereste in ekronaplans would show up.

    Here is the site for where to buy a full sized commericial WIG in North America or else a ride on one.

    The little puzzle is which part of the forum do we put these on. Is it in the airplane catagory or the ship catagory. For licensing purposes it's a marine craft, a ship.
  15. Mike Hinrichs

    Mike Hinrichs New Member

    WOW!! Thatsa Whopper WIG!!

    Hey Billy,

    I believe the Russians refer to their large vessels as "he" and, yes he is a beauty.

    When are you gonna tackle the design and build of the paper model?

    Count me in when you're ready for beta-builders.

  16. Flying hairpieces

    That's not a bad idea Mike, I have never tried it, but for years I worked as an illustrator, and never lost the skill of airbrushing... I tought about it,and when I look at this drawing it is not that complicated in general form, it just has a lot of funny bumbs attached to a pretty straidforward hull..
    Might take a while....

    By the way. This is fun; at Google earth 42'52'54'44N - 47'39'23'11 E at the town of Kaspiysk on the western shore of the Kaspyian See, you can see two of them on there base...

    Cheers, Billy
  17. Mike Hinrichs

    Mike Hinrichs New Member

    Working paper model of ekranoplan

    Sorry I've been out of loop for a few days. Billy I want to spur you on to consider giving a serious paper model of one of these Russian beauties a try. I would try one myself if my schedule allowed (just graduated from grad school and am in job search mode)

    But If you needed a beta-builder, I'm your pilot!

    Good luck!

  18. barry

    barry Active Member


    If this is any use to you let me know I pit it in the wrong thread aft end is not right. It is a slabsider to say the least


  19. Hello Barry,
    Great 3d model! Can you rotate this thing?,
    I,m trying to collect as much reference material as possible,
    Thanks, Billy
  20. Mike Hinrichs

    Mike Hinrichs New Member


    Hi all. Here are some links I hope you find interesting.

    I use the bablefish site to do translations:

    Please forgive me if I duplicate any sources already mentioned.

    Have fun!

    (French site with information about history/types of ekronplans)
    (school project building a working model ekranoplan-cool) (type ekranoplan in the search terms box- there are two models) (detailed technical drawings of an Eska type ekranoplan)
    (pictures of Revell's 1/144 scale plastic model of an ekronplan and some fanciful techno-thriller storyline). models.html
    (some more homegrown model projects- way cool!)
    (some really nice pictures of WIG craft in action)

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