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    As to my orginal post on this subject
    I have a legal full fledge install of Acrobat 6 so I can make the PDF but I can do alot more.

    From My orginal post
    You know, I think the best way to present something like that would be a PDF with a couple of Free models (You know the good ones). Something like a real book contained in one file but ready to print if the user so wants it. Don’t forget that people that get this PDF can have it Printed at their local office supply store with a copy center.

    The idea of having a few models in the PDF would be a model donated by one of the many free model creators. Not the few models that would be in the book could be in different areas. What I mean is. A car, plane, ship, puzzle, Basically something for everyone from the beginner to the master looking for new tricks.

    I would be willing to team up with any of you if you would have me to create this. Be it PR or Book lay out. The thing is is that there are limitless potentials for something like this. Even present it to the scale modeler Magazines as one of those small CDs that you get with most magazines.

    An E-book idea could be the road to getting the paper model community and the hobby a bigger spot on the map. If you know what I mean

    My Email address is in my profile

    Just had another thought. If you guys want I will make up a buisness plan of sorts for this book and post it for editing. I would like to be involved just not alone on it :)

    Allways looking for feed back
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    Sounds like a good idea. Count me in on it.

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    Sounds Good

    Sounds good !

    I would help in areas that I can.

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    A book of Hakos or a Hako Book?

    For Day 1 of the Twelve Trek Days of Christmas we released Ron Caudillo's Hako Enterprise bridge and, to give the fans something to be going along with, I put together a pdf book of the original Star Trek Hakos.

    I'm afraid it was a pretty rushed job, but the idea was to just put all our original work together as a single download. It's still available on Jon Leslie's LHVCC site, if you go to the bottom of his Sci Fi models page, click on the link to the Hako bridge then click on crew.

    I'm thinking of working with someone else to do the animated series crew in similar book. I'll drop you a line when i have something together.


    Kirok of L'Stok
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    great info pals
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    great info
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    its nice sir...

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