Frogs that stick up

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by ChadYelland, Jul 24, 2008.

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    I have a few Atlas insul-frog switches aswell as a couple custom turnouts with electro-frogs, what I have noticed is that some of them are a bit higher then the rail heads, is it ok to file or dress the frogs down so there smooth and level with the rails? this won't effect their electro or insulation qualities? Also can i solder a fine wire from the points to there pivots so the points allways have power rather then just rely on the rivet/pivot ?
  2. Russ Bellinis

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    How do you operate your switches (turnouts)? If you use a switch machine like a tortoise, they have a set of auxiliary points built into the machine. You could solder your wires from your points to the auxiliary contacts (n.c. for de-energized position, n.o. for the energized position) then when the switch is thrown, the power will come off the switch machine to the points. If you run multiple unit powered diesels so that the power demand is too great for the points in the Tortoise machine, use the contacts in the Tortoise to operate a relay. Instead of powering your points through the rivets, power them through a relay to align with the position of the switch.
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    Yes, it's OK. No, it won't. Yes, you can.:thumb::thumb:

    The high frogs have been a problem with Atlas for some time. If the frog is not powered by your switch machine or relay, it can lift your wheels out of contact with the rails.It's more of a problem with some 0-4-0s and such without a lot of rail contact.
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    I used a mill file to level a few high Atlas frogs, with no apparent ill side effects. ;):-D

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    Turnout Derailments

    I'm also having a problem at my turnouts (Atlas custom line #6) with my 65 ft Riverossi Heavyweight passanger cars. My freight cars all go through the turnouts with no problem (pulled by diesels) but these cars and steam locos (2-6-0's) always derail after several passes through the turnout. It doesn't happen at all of my turnouts, just three of them. Could it be having three axels per truck being too tight for the switch or what?

    I'm still at a loss after playing with this for a while. I don't want to make it worse and my frack is too complete to want to tear it apart and replace the turnout. Any suggestions??? My turnoutd are controlled manually with "Caboose" switch machines.

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    Thanks alot. That post answers a lot more than I need but is great info to permanently file.


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