FROG 3/4 Tactical Missile Tracked TEL in 1:35

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by Fishcarver, May 21, 2006.

  1. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Before and After

    ....the original ABC Model and the Tractor Plant rescale!!

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  2. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Wow, they sure know what they are doing down at that tractor plant!

    They do some very professional work there! 8)

    The difference is in the details!

  3. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Memo from Sergey

    "Red Banner" State Tractor Factory #187

    "The Party always finds you."

    Comrade Russell:

    Many thanks for your words of solidarity and approval for the output of the Red Banner Tractor Plant. My fraternal socialist colleagues and I are pleased to be able to be presenting both a decent model, and a build thread that incorporates a bit of "Fun", (assuming that "Fun" is a dialectically appropriate concept! :) ).

    At the danger of getting an unlimited, all-expenses paid Siberian vacation, I will risk telling you that most of what we Tractor Plant Boychiks now know, we learned on this Forum.

    We are now taking summer vacation. After finishing up the BMP, we will return with a BIG new project!!!

    Best regards from Wintergrad,

    Fraternally yours,

    Sergey, Sr. Sgt. K, The Zampolit and the rest of the TP Boyz!
  4. airbob

    airbob Member

    Frog Russkie Rocket

    Dear Comrade Fishguy,
    You have done a most excellent job of assembeling this Tactical Missile!!!...I have one of the old Sam Kits from the 1970's that I may tackle one of these really needs a lot of cleaning up to make the kit buildable...but they look soooo cool when they are finished....Once again , you did an excellent job on this kit...absolutey:grin: outstanding!!!
  5. rmks2000

    rmks2000 Member

    Wow, your rescale is fantastic. What a difference between that and the original.
  6. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Gang: your kind words are much appreciated!

    It's not all that hard to do. Get some good reference material and if at all possible, some decent 3-view drawings. Rescale the model. Then, figure out how to replace everything on the model that is printed in 2D with 3D. (My model railroading buddies refer to this as "Creative Gizmology".

    Sure, there are mistakes:
    My road wheels are a little too small for a PT-76 drive train. (They were turned out of wood dowels with a Dremel). And I'd build the transport cradle out of styrene tube next time, for a finer effect. I've left off the pioneer tools, too.

    But hey, this is only my 4th card armour build. The point is (as I tell my carving students) to finish each piece and build upon the lessons that it teaches. A lot was learned here, from the rest of you!


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