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  1. kase

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    wall1a while back there was a thread on how to make paper freight containers.
    can some one help me find the web site :confused:
  2. MasonJar

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    Scroll to the bottom of this page, and yo uwill see a neat new feature of The Gauge/Zealot - the "Similar Threads" box. It's like a automatic search based on your thread that you've started.

    I am pretty sure that one of the threads contains a link to the paper intermodal containers you are looking for...

  3. HOtrainman

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  4. Union Pacific

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    sorry for digging this up but I think I have those saved somewhere. I will fire up my old Win 98 (used for old pics and info hasn't ran in about 2 months :p ) I remeber making some for UP, K line, Evergreen, etc. I put the logo on it and spent a few hours getting it to look right. I saved you some work so be patient while I look for then ;) :oops:

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    When Ol' Blue went on her great North American Tour, someone made some paper 48' containers and shipped them with Ol' Blue. They ended up here. I still have them but, never found out whose they were.
  8. kase

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    thats cool

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