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    I am finding his work in the very good carrier the textures are excellent, good since the topic flowed are going the answers.
    Dorkhati is a troop transport Kilrath of the game Wing Commander II and yes it corresponds her those characteristics that it mentioned but for not having mistake I am also posting a picture of the development of the model in Pepakura of Cleysdale that to against it leaves of the confederation.

    Kilrath Dorkhati Class Transport
    Terran Confederation Cleysdale Class Transport
    Models and textures of the first games that used sprites hardly exist (in the beginning of the decade from 90 to 3D technology was almost inexistent for the domestic market of PC's) Then to do the models of WC 1, 2, Privatter and Armada had to go through MOD's of other games especially the one of X Wing Alliance and Freespace. One day posting at the forum of Wing Commander CIC ( talking about my models WC already developed a guy offered me an incredible material anything anything else less than the source files of manufacturer (in case Origin) seemingly they made models 3D of the ships before they make the sprites some files date from 1991, they are in format 3DS and the textures with the extension CEL nor I know in that you program were built, however I passed a lot of work to leave optimized them to do a paper model because each meshe has 20000 to 40000 polys (I am an beginner in 3D modelling).
    I already tried to use the models of Standoff that he has great textures but I don't make the low idealizes of how to extract them...

    Well excuse the long post when these models are available I open a new post.

    Cheers :grin:
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    Cool, well if u ever want any textures off me send us a pm I'd be happy to help.
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    Actually the textures of the tanks in Dorkahti are wrong they didn't come in the package that they passed me then it substitutes them for the of the fuselage the correct is that of the image below.Then as the files came incomplete if you get to do for me the correct textures with the coordinates UV he will make a Wing Commander Nerd very happy . If it is to end it orders me a PM saying what need... :twisted: :-D

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    Hmmm well I do have a nice red bronze alien hull plating that I thought would look the boss for kirathi ships. It's not cartoony like the originals however.

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