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    FREEship is essentailly a Naval Architect's hull surface modelling tool and as the name suggests it is free. To download go to:

    FREEship uses subdivision surfaces and these have three distinct advantages over other modelling programs which use NURBS surfaces (such as Rhino).

    1. A ship hull or aircraft fuselage can be modelled completely as a single surface.
    2. A NURBS surface needs to be designed using a rectangular mesh with a regular number of control points in each row and column . The subdivision surface can have a completely irregular mesh with any number of control points and linking between them. This allows for easy modelling around complex shapes.
    3. In the subdivision surface any knuckle or crease lines can be defined locally over any distance or direction. In the equivalent NURBS surface a crease can only be defined along a complete row or column.

    Subdivision surfaces are used by companies like Pixar to create their computer generated animations.

    There is an advantage in the way the program works in that the contours (stations, waterlines, and bow and buttock line in naval architecture terminolgy) can be displayed in real time as the control points are moved. This greatly simplifies and speeds up a solution to a smooth and fair surface. The program has many other features which can only be fully appreciated by trying it for yourselves. There is also a great manual (available in several different languages) which I recommend you print out and read first. Please post any comments about using this program back here and I will also do my best to explain any of the naval architecture terms used (I have been designing real ships for 26 years).

    I believe this program has great potential for the card model designer. I use it to create complex surfaces and then import them into Rhino using an IGES export. So far I have found the program very easy to use and does exactly as it says.

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    Ah - but can you unroll the surface(s)?


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    You can unroll developed surfaces with ease. On compound curvature surfaces you can divide the surface up into strips and falsely declare these as developable surfaces. The way I do it for a ship hull is to manipulate the control point mesh to give a smooth fair surface. I then change each longitudinal line of the mesh to a crease line thus effectively creating developable surfaces or what is known as a hard chine hull. The next step is to put each developable surface onto individual layers (using the Layers - Auto Group command) and the surfaces can be unrolled. The resulting panels can be exported as a co-ordinates to a text file and imported into Rhino or elsewhere. Page 41 of the FREEship manual gives some more information.

    I hope this helps
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    How about a small sample of somethiing done with it? :D
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    Yes a step by step for us pc iliterate:grin:
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    I've tried to get onto the site and all I get is Server errors. Anyone got any clues?
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    Keep trying. The server is slow but eventually you'll get it.

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