FREE Uruguayan Navy models, and civillian ships

Discussion in 'Free Models' started by Zathros, Apr 22, 2012.

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    It's a very nice collection of models. Uruguay is a country bordering with Argentina more, I've in Buenos Aires just the Rive Plate separate my from Montevideo.

    "Vapor Surubi" nice name, do you know what Surubi is? Here a picture:


    Luis Alcides
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    Thank You for that! I love knowing this kinds of facts! You are so knowledgeable, you never cease to amaze me, Muchisimas Gracias! :)
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    Would love to get hold of the Miranda but for some reason 4shared has been coming up as 403 access denied for the last couple of months. Ah well.

    The other models look rather nice also, so perhaps one of those instead. ;)

    Many thanks to the creator for offering them free.
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    Oh ye of little faith!

    Click on the links for the model (open at a time, graficos first, the instrucciones). Look at the pictures below and the instructions I give will make sense.
    Scroll down a little and look for "View Document". Click on "View Document",See Barely visible Circle Item, this will give you the general location of the "View Document location", a box will open up with the model, or instructions in it. One by one, right click the image into one the two folders you have made, as the files will have the same name and delete each other. You will then have the model and the instructions.. The .png files are large, these aren't tiny preview pictures. (around 1077 x 1516 pixels ).

    I hope this work around works, for a long time.!! It may not. I suggest that you download any and all models that you want as I imagine that someday soon, noting, and I mean nothing, will be free ay more.

    I have Dual Monitors, which is why my pictures look this way. It made it easier to post the instructions.

    I hope this helped. :)

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    Little faith? Oh, hardly. I have boundless faith... otherwise I would not be wielding a very sharp knife and almost as sharp pair of scissors in the belief that I can make this card/paper do what I want. :D

    It's not a problem with signup for me, it's simply a 403 access denied issue that I can't seem to figure out. Most strange, it's only a couple file share sites this happens on. Specifically mediafire and 4shared. I suspect some shenanigans from my ISP to be honest, but of course there is no proof.

    As for free, well.
    It's not just a cute acronym.

    I'm sure that your suggestions will be extremely helpful to those who can access the site though. :D

    As for the models, I'm torn (no pun intended) between the Vigilante and Destructor

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