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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by qwerty, Sep 29, 2004.

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  2. Sokol

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    We want learn your opinion of our models.

    Best regards,
  3. Ziga

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    It was broken in the morning and now it is completely OK.
    Thanks for another great model.
  4. rickstef

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    Ziga, i downloaded it with out any problems

    i did a right-click, save as

    and it opened fine

  5. jrts

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    Hi all

    Looking at the models on offer for free at Icegroup they can only be described as fantastic. To show the point thanks to Michaels generosity I now have two T-70 tanks, one free from Icegroup and a kit from Model Kartonowy.

    Put the two kits side by side and it is clear to see that the free kit is more detailed than the commercial kit.
    The wheels in the free kit are far more detailed the the commercial kit.
    The parts in the free kit are unfolded better than the other making construction easy.
    The graphics are of the same quality.
    The only advantage of the commercial kit is that the tracks can be cut out to let the wheel sprockets through.

    The first photo shows that the wheel centres on the free kit are conical and not flat plus it has a well designed centre to it

    Basicly for a free kit its a dam good model :D :D
    I will be building more of them :lol:


  6. mietek

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    Hi, I have the model T26 downloaded, and i have a problem when I open it in Adobe Reader. I become a message that the lines are incorrect on the pages with model parts. What is happened? Can anywhone help me?

    Regards Mietek.
  7. jrts

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    Hi Mietek

    Try to open it with the latest version of the reader 6.0 or better.
    If you don't have it you can get it from here:-

    I downloaded it just after the post and had no bother with it.
    If you still have a problem download it again with the new reader installed.

    Hope this helps


  8. mietek

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    Hi, thanks for answer. I have Adobe Reader 6.0. The file opened correctly, but when I go to the pages with model parts (not with instructions and diagrams) I got the message that the lines are incorrect and some pages are incomplete. I have the file downloaded 2x and opened it with Reader 5.0 with the same result.

  9. mietek

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    I have downloaded Acrobat Reader 6.0.1. After opening the file, when I went to the pages with model parts I've got a message "Dash arguments are invalid" and I can't see some parts on pages 4, 6.

  10. jrts

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    The only thing I can think of is to delet it from your system and download it again by right clicking and save as. The way Rick said :roll:


  11. cardfan

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    I'm not sure but I think that the file has been reloaded. I had the same problem yesterday, but it works this morning.

  12. mietek

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    You were right Glen. Thanks. I have reloaded the file again and it is all OK.

  13. cecil_severs

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    On the same page as t26 they have a gunboat and an Il-10 for download. Can anyone identify the gunboat?
  14. mietek

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  16. charliec

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    The T-26 model is the Bug T-26 which used to be available on the old site. I bought it ages ago and I guess I should dig it out and review it as I did for the Su-76M.

    The build on the T-70 looks pretty good although I notice the turret has come out pretty high (this might be an artefact of the camera angle) - the T-70 had a low turret. On the original there wasn't a turret basket so the commander/gunner sat on a swivelling seat and from what I can pick up from the interior images only his head and shoulders were within the turret implying the turret was quite low.

    I notice that this build has similar problems with the mudguard supports as I did - it's really difficult to get these lined up without distorting them.

    The gun mantlet is better represented by building up the mantlet from thin (80 gsm) paper sheets - the original design gives problems because it's too weak to locate the gun barrel without distortion.

    The real dramas with the Bug T-70 don't start until you attach the swing arms and wheels to the hull - the weak support for the swing arms means that the model probably won't be able to sit on the roadwheels.

    I have the impression that the T-26 may suffer from similar problems with attachment of the suspension to the hull as the T-70 does. It may be possible to reinforce the location points by running a tube through the hull and frame to give better strength to these parts.

    The other T-70 (the WIG or Quest) one isn't a good model (see review) - it has lots of accuracy issues and I think it would suffer from similar structural problems as the Bug T-70.



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