Free software that turns pictures into models!

Discussion in 'Feedback & Support Forum' started by the micromodels builder, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. silveroxide

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    I cannot help you in finding that program you asked for in the beginning of this thread, but my micro-processor allows me to look at pictures and with the aid of a mechanical pencil, ruler, protractor and various other handy items, I tend to make items out of pictures or sometimes out of my imagination. I do it the old fashion way, computers are great and enhance the hobby, but a computer is only as smart as the mind that controls it.

    If you ever find that program, let the rest of us know and on that day we will know that we are close to making a replicator
  2. Wojtee

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    Perhaps there might be a free sofware, which would design and make such a paper crafting software on a mouseclick :D & :D

    Just kidding, of course. With a help of software you can perhaps make orthogonal views from random photo, but there is no software which could make model templates from photos. Sorry for ruining your day.
  3. tazzy

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    LOL I like that button OhioMike
  4. irjvik

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    Technically ...

    No, there isn't any such software.
    Why ? On a picture, you have a partial view of an object. Often 1 or 2 sides.
    In order to create a 3D model you need to view ALL sides on the object.

    You can try the following alternate method :
    - Put a black robe
    - Light 5 candles
    - Trace a 1 meter pentagram on the floor
    - And so on ...
    But I'm not sure you will really get a static 3D model doing so :eek:
  5. corduroy

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    I guess it depends on how complex the object is. There was a tut for sketchup that showed how one could take a photo of an object and make it into a 3d model (within Sketchup.)

    They used a pic of a bird house in their example. The pic only showed the front and side and the roof. I guess one could use that to do an unfold to print out.
  6. burneggroll

    burneggroll New Member

    My brother does something similar for the government when deconstructing bridges. They take hundreds of photos from surveyed positions & exact angles to make computer rendered 3D modeling. Even if we could get the software, it would not run on a home-sized machine. It is coming... someday. RE: Replicators. Yah, baby.

  7. Chaquan

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    I can, and their three views. Pencil and paper. No. I Sopwith Camel production of Texas did not really know what I'm doing. I have not, but now I can make any flight I wanted. Big kids like them, they keep me from my wife's feet.
  8. olantigh

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  9. jacketshen

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    t's not something you could do at a flash, bur believe it or not, it's not that hard to learn
  10. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    pepakura and sketch up

    actually, google sketch up 7 is really just like a game. you just need about 3 hours practise and... bam! your making decent models! hell i maade a scorpion tank on that program with just my basic knoledge from the game and one reference pic. as for pepakura, well just figure out how to upload 3d data into it and load a sketch up model! but ive never tried this as i dont have the programs on the same computer. hoped this helped!:cool:
  11. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    okay couple of things...
    rmarduk, what the hell do you mean?
    just got designer and you cant upload sketch up data, but ill make a list of what i can upload.
    and #3
    i just like having a 3rd reason.
  12. Zathros

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    :killer:Um, arggh, gotta clear my throat out, O.k.: Did anyone bother reading the start date on this thread to see how old it was (is)? I don't think anyone has "founded' this software, "Speak Engrish Hector!)!" because it "could'nting" exist. (that's for you, zwave! :) )

    It would be nice to have a "sarcasm" thread, it would probably blow up the forum (this or any other). I am biting my tongue on this on, but I sure would like to post some stuff. :twisted:

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