free RWD-25

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by lech, Mar 7, 2005.

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    That is a very nice model, with some interesting techniques of construction. Check out the framework for the wings, as an example. Complete dubble-row 2x7 cylinder radial engine as well! Carefully built up propeller, spats on the wheels. Transparent canopy (of course), cockpit interior, and some shading nicely added to the colour scheme. Plus history of the aircraft in English.

    Very ambitious, and very kind. Thank you for this tip, and do thank the author, if you're in contact. (I'm sorry, Lech, I just don't know if you might even be the author...).

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    This is indeed a fine model. After looking over the construction plans for it, I am impressed with what I see. I would also like to thank those responsible for the design of this model and its release. I started the E.III available on the same page and it was going well, until real world activities (a residential move) put it on hold and it mysteriously disappeared. Overall, the kits which have been freely released at this site are great additions to the modeling community.

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