Free Renault Kerax 400 8x4 Truck

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    Free Renault Kerax 400 8x4 Truck - Scale 1/48

    This truck (Renault Kerax 400 8x4) used to load coal in Kalimantan Timur (East Borneo). The load capacity is 33 cubic meters, with full trailer it is 89 cubic meters, or approximately 80 tons! This truck model in real life belong to PT. DMP. Operated on Bengalon Coal Mining, east borneo. They operate at least 50 trucks, with sideway hydrolic dumping system.

    This truck is a request from a friend, Ronald from PT. Alun, Authorized Renault Trucks Distributor in Indonesia.


    All the best
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    Seper cool! Thanks!
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    Yes very nice thank you !:thumb:
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    nice little erm no big truck:mrgreen:

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