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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by A C Spectre, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. A C Spectre

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    Great site with loads of free downloads of real space models. I currently am working on a great looking 1/96 Saturn V. The place is a Challenger Center created to promote space education after The Challenger disaster. It is only about an hour from me and I hope to get there with my family some weekend soon.

    Here's the link

    A C Spectre
  2. Hans Christian

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    The site belongs to one of our respected member, Mr. Jon Leslie. Everyone here (I think) has been in the site before,

    But nice post here sir, it's good to inform the newbies of great sites like Mr. Leslie's :wink:
  3. jleslie48

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    AIEEE!!! A C Spectre !!!!

    Please note, call the LHVCC center before you go!!! It is open generally by arrangement only. It is a learning center for school children (think school trips) to visit generally monday -friday, not open on weekends, although it is available for group functions and I believe once a month there are public days on sundays.
    go to the main website for more details:

    I just donate my models for displays at the center, do some charity work teaching lessons once in a while, and in return for some bandwidth and a place to store the models for download, put the donation plug on the modeling section of the site.

    they really wanted me to make it a pay site, but that would be like real work. no fun. the way it is now if someone doesn't like a model I can issue a full refund no problem. 8) No inventory issues either.
  4. A C Spectre

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    I posted a reply to you on the Internet Finds thread and didn't realize your affiliation with The LHVCC. I have surfed around their main sit quite a bit and I did see the deal about public visits. I will definitely call before I drive down. The models you offer are spectacular to say the least. I am currently working on Ton Noteboom's 1/96 Saturn V which is going well so far. I plan to build some more of your offerings so I will definitely send a little something via PayPal so you can keep offering such great stuff to the masses.

    A C Spectre
  5. hjgil510jjr

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    Your website

    Hey Jon

    How about some models of the Delta series of launchers-Hmmmmm

    Please :p
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