Free open–cast mining dump truck BELAZ

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by OldMan, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. OldMan

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    The model is BW but designer recommend to use 160g/m2 colour paper (yellow) for pages 1 and 2. You can see the result. Download model from HERE
  2. Cut 'n' Paste

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    Excellent! By the way, has anyone else checked out the tanks? Have you seen the detail? Wow! The TRACKS!!!!!! There's apparently two ways to make them, and one way involves cutting out something like 5 or 6 parts FOR EACH LINK !! Incredible!

    Cheers for this link (excuse pun...)
  3. CK Styles

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    Very nice looking model, as well as the others on that page. Thanks for the heads up ...
  4. Cut 'n' Paste

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  5. OldMan

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    The new home of BELAZ is HERE. And you can find some more models in 1:100 scale. :thumb:

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