[Free-MOn30] Expansion of the UC&A Ry.

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  1. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    Hello Everyone,

    Here's a cross posting for any On30 enthusiast in Southern Ontario, in or near the
    Greater Toronto Area.

    If you are interested in building On30 Modules and participating in shows and meets,
    please join the Free-MOn30 yahoo group:

    The following is a message that I posted on the Free-MOn30 yahoo group as part of our
    recruiting drive.

    ----- Forwarded message from rat-bag@vif.com -----
    Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2007 10:41:12 -0400
    From: "Ron Wm. Hurlbut (HV&S/UC&A in On30 & Hn42)" <rat-bag@vif.com>
    Reply-To: Free-MOn30@yahoogroups.com
    Subject: [Free-MOn30] Expansion of the UC&A Ry.
    To: Free-MOn30@yahoogroups.com

    Hello Everybody,

    The Founders of the Upper Canada & Algonquin Railway are looking to
    expand operations:
    Free-MOn30 St@nd@rds

    At the Second Annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Show in Schomberg last April
    we generated some interest in On30 Modules using the Free-MOn30 Module

    At the show, we sold some Interface Plates and Anderson PowerPole
    electrical connectors to some of the show attendees.

    If you bought some interface Plates and PowerPoles, we'd really like
    to see you use them. Don't just put them on a shelf with your other
    unbuilt kits waiting for someday....

    With the show being in April, we realize that it is the end of Model
    Railroad Season and many of us pursue other outdoor interests during
    the warm weather. So, we've held back until now, when there is a hint
    of chill in the air before starting our recruiting drive.

    This isn't a club, and there aren't any dues, but we would like you to
    get involved and build some modules.

    The UC&A are committed to the be at the Toronto Christmas Train Show:

    At this show, we participate with the Narrow Gauge Madness Gang and
    usually set up a module or two that are under construction. It's a
    generic How-To kind of thing and it appeals to the general masses.

    If we can manage to get enough polish on our modules we'll set up at
    the Copetown show on February 24:
    Canadian Association of Railway Modellers

    On April 12, there's the 3rd annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Show:
    Narrow Gauge 2006

    Then there's the 5th Annual Canadian Association of
    Railway Modellers National Convention:
    Canadian Association of Railway Modellers

    That's four shows that take us into the spring....

    Every set up is aimed at recruitement for new members...

    The summer tends to be quiet, but then we get back to public shows in
    the fall...

    ----- End forwarded message -----
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Interesting stuff...! Always good to see other approaches to modular railroading. I have a friend who is experimenting with large scale modules (think Garden Railway on a table top).

  3. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    Hi Andrew,

    Yes, G-Scale modules can be a real challenge. It's hard to fit much scenery onto a small slab of real-estate.

    Although, the Gn15 guys manage to put a lot of detail into their micro layouts...
  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Narrow gauge - ok, but he's talkin' standard. That equipment is big, heavy, and does not take kindly to sharp corners... Still, very interesting to try, and the results should certainly get your attention.

  5. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    Hi Andrew,

    I agree that sharp curves can be a problem, even though most G-Scale stuff is built to go around a 48" radius curve, it doesn't always look good doing it...

    However, if you break away from a tail chaser set-up and do a linear point to point layout, there won't be a problem.


    Free-Mo for Large-Scale = G-Mo! :thumb::thumb::thumb:

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