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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by raiwong, Jun 15, 2005.

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    Howdy Raiwong,

    Nice models and nice site, thanks for the links. The f-86 was a favorite plastic kit of mine when I was growing up. I have the free versions offered in paper of the US and japanese versions this will go good with them. I enjoy different markings on aircraft. You could have the same airplane with the markings of several different nations and I would want them all.

    have a good day, and ty again,

    Greg aka GW
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    Hi Greg

    Glad that u like the models. Hopefully, it will bring you fond memories. I too was working on plastic models when I was a kid. But, now I enjoy paper models more.

    I have included an assembly instruction for the Spitfire this time. If you need it it's at: Hopefully, you will be able to understand the instruction. Please comment on my models. That will help me make better models in the future.


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