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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Jim Nunn, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Jim Nunn

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    I know that would get your attention.

    The next meeting of the IPMS-OC is on February 20th and all paper modelers are invited to attend. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM and is located in the La Quinta Inn and Suites at 3 Centerpointe Drive, La Palma, CA 90623. .
    Several paper modelers will be showing their latest models and works in progress. A trophy is awarded for the best paper model so bring in your favorite model you could be taking a trophy home. Your model does not have to be the latest Halinski with 7000 parts Bob Penikas shows FG models admittedly very well done and often takes the trophy home. For new comers if you take first place I will be giving a paper model away most likely an AFV or a ship. I will also be showing my latest purchases The AWD Steyr/Pak 40 and the Halinski Wespe.

    Lets see here we have a free model, a trophy, meeting a bunch of paper modelers, maybe getting an answer to a problem you are having building a model, I can't think of a reason for not going.

    If you have any questions PM me.

    Jim Nunn
  2. Romanator

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    It seems I have terrible luck. :cry:
    I live very close to there, but of course I am studying in Northern California.

    My models wouldn't win, but it sounds like a great event. Are these contests held over the spring or summer as well?

    Thanks for inviting all of us modelers; I never imagined people in OC built these :mrgreen:.
  3. Jim Nunn

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    The club meets every 3 Friday of the month so the next time you are home from school drop in and see us. Every meeting has a contest mostly plastics but I as stated we do have a paper model category. In fact this club was instrumental in getting the IPMS Nationals to allow paper models in the national contest.

    IPMS-OC is a plastics group (were working on that) that welcomes all modelers. We have several prominent paper models who attend. Dan who is the owner and designer of the “Delta 7” models visits us often. David T Okamura who is a Bata builder for Paper Shipwright and the IPMS national winner in the paper model category is a member of the Club and JO Sutton who has designed several models on the net is also a member. Don’t let that put you off most of the displayed models are freebees off the net and the club members are always amazed by even a simple nicely done model.

    Now for any lurkers out there thinking is it worth it to attend. Most modeling is a private hobby with little or no interaction with other modelers. When you get involved with a group of fellow modelers the enjoyment level of the hobby increases 10 fold. Our families admire our works but only a fellow paper modeler really knows the effort it requires to build a nice model. All of the modelers listed above I consider to be friends and I would not have had the privilege to know them if I had not been a member of a modeling club.

    It is now time for me to put this soap box back in the closet.

    Jim Nunn
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    Oooh! I'm eight hours away from OC! I can't go anytime soon, but since you said they meet every 3rd Friday of the month, I'll see if that fits in anywhere during school vacations. I really would like to meet other paper modelers, I believe I'm the only one here in Hollister. :(
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    Thanks for your reply. This is good news :mrgreen:

    I might bring along some plastic planes I have done as well when I go. My latest plane is a 1/48 Stuka D-3 in winter camo from Revell. It was the first one that I experimented with coloring and weathering, sanding to smooth out seams, scratch built pit (from none other than paper:rolleyes:) etc. I still use an ordinary paintbrush because nice airbrushes are expensive. :cry: Paper models save the day; no fancy painting required.

    You say every third week. Is this always Saturday at 7:30 at LaQuinta?

    Again, thanks for your invitation. I hope to join in, have fun, and learn from other artists.

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  6. Jim Nunn

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    Bring the Stuka when you visit

    We meet on third Friday, for more information check out the web site IPMS-OC under the gallery tab you will find photos of the models entered in the contest.

    Jim Nunn
  7. Sirfoldalot

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    Very nice Stuka......
    Keep up the good work.

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