Free model, Yokosuka k5Y1 "churen"

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by adyputra, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. adyputra

    adyputra New Member

    Here is my first posting for the build model, i got this pattern for free from
    it takes 2 pages 160 gsm Brief card.
    i used palm fiber for the thread, i thought it nice to attached on it. but i'm not yet attached the visor, hope you all enjoy it.. sorry for picture quality.. not too bright, but this is my first try in build Bi Plane,

    Thanks. Ady:twisted:





  2. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Looks great

    A great looking build. You should be proud of it. I've seen the models on that site and there are many I'm interested in building 'some day'. It's nice to see some build pics of one of them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. adyputra

    adyputra New Member

    Okay, many Thanks for you Steve,

    i'll do my best to build another models, i guess its more challenging..

    Regards, Ady
  4. tekzo

    tekzo Member

    nice looking model and clean too..congratz
  5. adyputra

    adyputra New Member

    so many Thanks for your lessons.. you're the man Bro.. well i'm looking forward for the great models.
  6. DWest

    DWest Member

    A great looking plane, you've done an awesome job on it.
  7. adyputra

    adyputra New Member

    ohh. thank you very much brad..
  8. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    Great work

    Very well built indeed - Crisp, clean and precise :thumb: Well worth one of these :goldcup:
  9. adyputra

    adyputra New Member

    thank you verrry much sir :mrgreen:... just a little bit for improvement...
  10. ecuatoriano

    ecuatoriano New Member

    Great model, contgratulations.:thumb:

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