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Discussion in 'Competitions' started by Toddlea, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Toddlea

    Toddlea Member

    I had such a good time with the last free model competition I thought I would host the next one.

    Contest will run from now until June 30, midnight PST.

    So, here are the rules

    1) Find a model on the internet that is offered as a free download and must have a valid link. If model is designed during the contest, a valid link must be in place by June 30 PST with final artwork to be considered for this contest.

    2) Post entry name and valid link to model here in this thread.

    3) Post a separate "build report" in your appropriate catagory ... with pictures ( if possible)... while you are building the model. Only models started in the build report are eligible. Build report should be completed, with final entry picture by the close of the contest. Please post final picture(s) here on this thread also. Add "Free Model#3" to the thread title to feature contest threads. Example: Free Model #3 - Cannon Pegasus

    Entries will be judged by forum members by PM. Poll will remain open for 2 weeks after the end of contest so members may cast votes.


    The addition of wire, plastic or other materials is acceptable only if directions call for it or the reproduction of existing parts that already exist in paper. Example: Plastic rod or dowels for axles instead of rolled paper. If an extra piece is added then it must be available as download by the end of the contest. The only exception to the above statement is the addition of internal gussets, support pieces, tabs or anything that does not change the appearance of the finished model if these were not added. For example: you could build a piece using the butt guing method or you can add internal tabs to ease in construction. The piece looks the same either way.

    Artwork of original model must be intact. If you recolor the model, the outcome must look like original scheme.

    In simple terms, the final model should look like how anyone could reproduce the kit given the same file. The spirit of this contest is to not only feature the wealth of the free download models on the internet, but to also showcase the talent of the builders who are represented by this forum.

    OK..OK..Fine........But what do I win!

    First Place - $75 USD, Shipyard HMS Cleopatra, Halinski Su 27 Flanker, and Kartonowa PBY-5 Catalina

    Second Place - $50 USD, Halinski USS Heermann, Halinski Mi-24 Hind and Prototyp MkIII Laguna Seca

    Third Place - $30 USD, Halinski Yukikaze and Meta Vultee P-66 Vanguard

    Fourth Place - $10 USD & Flymodel BWP-2

    5th Place - Orlik F4U-5 Corsair

    Prize will be paid via PayPal after the end of judging and winners are announced.
    Kit prizes will be mailed.

    Contest entries may be eliminated from competition if entry does not meet the contest criteria.

    Contest host retains the right to modify contest rules and prizes at any time.

    Thank you in advance for your participation and let building begin!
  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Very cool! I might have to sign up - are staff members allowed to participate or would you prefer otherwise :)
  3. Toddlea

    Toddlea Member

    Since I am having all members vote on entries, I think everyone (including staff) can participate.
  4. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    OK well where is everyone? Cash prizes? People are usually all over that! Gonna put my current armor build on hold so I can take this up :) (sorry Johnny) ;)
  5. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    ammm can u add me in :)?
    time t make nazerd J10 :)
  6. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Might have some spare time in March... Think I'll sign up for this one ^^
  7. col. kurtz

    col. kurtz Member

    sounds good to me im in
  8. cjwalas

    cjwalas Member

    It sounds like fun, but not till after the holidays!
  9. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    This is so cool Toddlea! :cool: I'm in like Flynn!
    I'm not too worried about winning anything. I just want to join in.
    This is going to be fun!

    I've been thinking that it's about time for a contest.
    Thank you Toddlea!:thumb:


  10. Toddlea

    Toddlea Member

    I thought it would be a great way to start out the year. I'm just looking forward to everyones posts.
  11. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    Sounds fun - Time to start a huntin' a good freebie :)
  12. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    cam i enter my uss voyager?

    got a build thread going in scifi.
  13. Toddlea

    Toddlea Member

    I don't see why not. Just start a build thread with it.
  14. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    thanks. ive got a build thread going in sci fi area does that constitute a build report or do i need to start a new one?
  15. Toddlea

    Toddlea Member

    Lets put it out to the forum.

    Should he restart his build and start a new thread or can he link to the previous one?

    I look forward to everyones feedback.
  16. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Cool!! I don't have Paypal but I'd like to join in. I have a few ideas of freebies I'd like to build so I'll pick one and start after Christmas!

    Would it matter if I designed or co designed the free model?
  17. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Well,his model is currently available as a free download here. He's started before the comp was announced but isn't finished so it's not like he's just pulling a model off his shelf and using it to compete.

    My vote is to run with what he's building now. :)
  18. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    I'd like to vote yes... as in, yes, let nothing enter his existing build thread.

    Cos if he gets away with that I'll enter my own current build, assuming I find the time to finish it before march (3 months of procrastination, 3 days of building) :D

    Nice work on throwing this together, whether I enter or not it's still going to be fun to watch. :thumb:
  19. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    My feeling is that builds should be started after the competition was launched, to give everybody the same time limitation. Hope that doesn't sound too mean, but I think we should give everybody the same opportunity.
  20. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Good point on the "end time" thing, I hadn't considered that.

    If I was to enter my Interceptor now it would feel like I was cheating cos there's really not a lot left for me to do to it :p
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