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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by Roxxii, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Roxxii

    Roxxii New Member

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  2. Roxxii

    Roxxii New Member

    Liberty Squ 2

    First construction - walls of the main building with the recessed windows.

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  3. Roxxii

    Roxxii New Member

    Liberty Square 3

    Dry fitting the roof.

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  4. Roxxii

    Roxxii New Member

    Liberty Square 4

    Had a good run yesterday and got all of the Right Wing and the Tower together. This picture shows most of the components dry fitted.

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  5. dfarrell

    dfarrell Member

    That looks really nice. How large is it?
  6. Roxxii

    Roxxii New Member

    Thank you!
    According to the instructions, it is approx 10" x 12.75" x 12.25".

    I keep forgetting to put a ruler beside the model when I photograph it. The clothes pegs might have given the wrong impression of size, but they are those really tiny ones from craft shops.
  7. karsaeras

    karsaeras New Member

    Very nice model. Congratulations.
  8. devox

    devox New Member

    That is a gorgeous model, now only if I had a lot of money and an architect to build me the real deal....
  9. Ljosalfur

    Ljosalfur New Member

    This is great... I like paper model buildings also and hope make some in the future although I'm mostly looking for dragons now.
    Thanks for sharing. :thumb:
  10. ultra1

    ultra1 New Member

    a very cool looking model

    keep going

    ultra stone
  11. bigfan

    bigfan New Member

    Really Great work there!
    I wonder if anyone would ever be up to the task of making a Diorama of the entire Pirates of the Caribbean Ride lol
  12. Harry Stroble

    Harry Stroble New Member

    I found Zealot when looking for The Black Peral on The Disney Experence site. I am a big Disney fan and have built 3 modles from that site. Am currently working on a Mark Twane modle that I have enlarged 150% Quite a Job. Nice to find others who have enjoyed the site. Harry
  13. Pho3n1x

    Pho3n1x New Member

    Nice mansion, might give it a go ;)
  14. solidayj2000

    solidayj2000 New Member

    Harry, if you like Disney models, then you'll love this site. I don't know if you have seen it before, but here it is anyway.

    I found this one while I was looking for Cinderella's Castle, which is on the site above. I plan on making several from this site myself.

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