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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by alfadoc, Mar 27, 2006.

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    I guess this will be the last entry made on

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    You know, Maurice...the next time you want to insult people or whatever, make sure you get YOUR facts correct. There is NO SUCH WORD as incorrigable. Go to your listed reference and try and find it.

    We don't need insulting posters here...or anywhere else. I am nasty enough in real life...I don't want to this place to turn me sour.

  3. Maurice

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    And you never managed a typo? Still at least you went to look. :grin:

    This thread became an intolerable insult to one person's work and has obviously caused distress, both here and on Kartonbau.
    I didn't like that and frankly felt embarrased at the insensitivity shown.


    PS For those who might like to know the PDF file opens perfectly in Canvas.
  4. Gil

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    For those who haven't been to Kartonbau the following was posted by the person treated with such insensitivity and was evidently caused distress.


    E: A Closer Look Reveals, Gabriel! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thank you very much, Gil

    You outlined exactly the spirit.
    Even the technology is the same, every model has its own particularities.

    I have over 90 models done in 5 years, but I'm happy with the results only for a few. Even the design process I do give me perfect fit from the first attempt,
    I redesign it in order to make it easier to assembly and to look more closely to real plane.
    It is a process of adaptation. After few succesfull attempts in this way to approach the cardmodels, I believe you willl be hooked up.

    And of course, we need something to challenge our brain constantly.
    I'm scared about what is happening with younger generations and I'm trying what I can to stop this process of "not thinking" attitude.
    Maybe, with help from people like you and the others, we'll make a little difference.

    End Quote.

    I leave it to the reader to ascertain just who seems to have been embarrased, distressed and/or lacks sensitivity.

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    Mig-17 1:33 Scale On Six Sheets


    I would like to express to you my heart felt gratitude for going through the trouble to prepare for us all your wonderful model in a larger scale.
    Now even those of us who are not experienced in (or lack access to) Illustrator or Photoshop software can build this model in standard scale.

    Many thanks!
    with best regards,
    Bengt :)
  7. Maurice

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  8. Bowdenja

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    Thanks Gabriel!

    I've downloaded it and can not wait until I get home to start!

    :grin: john:grin:
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    My apologizes to the folks participating in this thread. My reply to Maurice was meant to be a private message. Pushed the wrong button instead of the wrong "letter" key.

    As for the MiG-17 model, it is a nice model. I hope every who wants to enlarge it can do so. As for me, it will go through several stages of development at 1:100 scale before I put it aside to "finish" later. That happens with 95 percent of my models. hehe

    I have been in contact with Gabriel Panait and he loves this hobby. That must be obvious with what he has done with the MiG-17. I am sure he appreciates the input everyone here has provided on his designs.
  10. Rick Thomson

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    Just had a look at Gabriel's site, whenever the Golden hawks Sabre is finished, I'll be one of the first in line waving my Visa card.

    Gabriel, I don't suppose you have considered the Clunk (CF-100) Mk 3 or 4 have you, or the Vampire, CF-104, CF-101, I'd lash out money for them too.
  11. Fishcarver

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    Vote Me with Rick!

    Gabriel: You do great work! Thanks for the MiG!! I sincerely hope that you'll consider doing some Canadian subjects.
    Regards from Canada

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