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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by alfadoc, Mar 27, 2006.

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    That guy has some very nice looking models. All you WWI guys will probably drool when you see what this guy has.
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    I bought several of Gabriel's models when they were being sold by Steve Bucher of Digital Card Models. Even though I would invariably screw up cutting out the parts, those I did cut correctly, fit well. His B-25 was one of my best efforts ever. I gave it to a former B-25 pilot who lived nearby.

    I'll be looking forward to Patty Wagstaff's aircraft. I have had the pleasure of watching her perform on several occasions, and she has always impressed me. I might even build her aircraft full scale 8v)
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    Real nice model, but...

    That Mig 17 Sure is a nicely detailed build for a freebie.
    Being pretty new at this I have not tried changing the scale of a model yet, but I was just wondering if this model would look alright if I doubled it's size to 1/36.:???: Any opinions?
    It's a really nice model but I would like it bigger and I was also thinking about adding more detail to the cockpit. I'll need to find some interior pics of this Mig on the net. Does anyone know where I might find some?
    Thanks a heap!
  5. alfadoc

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    If you are planning to build more planes, try 1/33 or 1/32 scale. A lot of models are produced in these scales, so your collection will match.
    Both have photos of Mig-17 cockpits
    Has photos of instrument panels of various aircraft. No Mig-17, but a resource none the less.
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    Over at I experimented a little bit with enlarging this high-quality free download.

    It is vector designed, so it should be possible to enlarge it almost infinitely. Turns out, however, that there is a misfit between the vector graphics and the pixel colour pattern, which makes it impossible to use Illustrator.

    Therefore I found a method of enlarging the 1/72 original all the way up to 1/16 (4,5 times, 450 percent) in Photoshop, and without discernible loss of quality. If you have enough discspace and patience to wait for the conversion process to grind through all the way, you can probably do even better than my 300 dpi final resolution.

  7. Amazyah

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    Cool! A million thanks to both of you for the links and info!

    You both made my day:D

    This model has shoved it's way to the top of the to do pile of models!
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    Mig-17 1:72 Scale by Gabriel Models

    Hi Leif,

    I also downloaded this fine little model yesterday. I printed it on high quality A3 photo paper and I thought I would try to scan this print in TWO A4 sections, to be able to enlarge it further, to A3 once again (two prints).
    I have tried this before with a Bristol Scout 1:72 model with excellent results. I scanned at 1200 dpi which yielded very sharp results, which could then be enlarged with full quality in Photoshop.
    However, I would like to try your ingenious method of "scanning" the original pdf-file (page 4) directly in Photoshop, with the desired dpi value.
    This method seems to be a lot better, as there is no loss of contrast and colour.

    best regards,
    Bengt :grin:
  9. Leif Oh

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    Bengt, and others,

    Before you really get going, have a look at at the printing mistake Gil spotted, and the way he fixed it.

    Not sure I could manage that, but at least you should be aware of the problem.

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    One thing -- the number alteration that Gil did on the model on Kartonbau actually introduced an error instead of fixing one, because the forward section opens at the bottom, while the aft one under the cabin on top.
  11. Leif Oh

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    Just arrived at the same conclusion myself and added a comment to that effect at Thanks for corroborating - I still wasn't quite sure.

    No hard feelings I hope, Gil - it was a good thing to get the rusty old brain halves going before even getting my morning coffee!

  12. cygielski

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    BTW, I just tried and found that in illustrator it's easy to realign the bitmap back to the vector grid. It really only takes a few seconds with the resize tool (I found it easiest to use the top corner of the forwardmost section of the fuselage as the origin and resize using the left bottom corner).
  13. mig29

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    Guys, don't try so hard
    Tell me what scale do you want and I'll put only the part sheet.
    And what paper size will be ?(ore more than one paper?)
    I'll check my email to see your request.
    If are any particular requests, I''ll send the files by email

    Regards to all

  14. Gil

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    A Closer Look Reveals, Gabriel!


    I think you just convinced many of us to become customers of your beautifully designed line of models. Using the originals panel lines to incorporate seams is new in cardmodeling so many of us were stuck in the "conventional wisdom" mode of thought. It's really nice to see a designer really applying new and original thought to the issues confronted in designing cardmodels. I wish you good luck and may you live long and prosper!

    -Gil Russell
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    I have wondered how prevalent the idea was of putting seams where panel were. Until I bought the GPM corsair I hadn't seen that at all(I've only bought maybe 10 kits though) and thought I was a real genious for doing some of that. Funny thing was that the GPM corsair had the exact configuration as mine and was probably on the market before I even designed mine.


    Note the second former back from the front, it angles forward in the middle and the seam follows the former. The real airplane had that same structure in it.
  16. Maurice

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  17. Willja67

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    Nice to see you back Maurice, you are exceptionally predictable
  18. Gil

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    Had any original, creative or positive comments that you'd like to share with us Maurice...,

  19. Maurice

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    Oh all right, since you appear desperate, how about this to help with your other misconception and unjustified derision yesterday.
    And for a straight foward and elegant (but not simple) mathematical treatment of the following I can personally recommend Fluid Mechanics by Duncan. Thom and Young or the variety of works by Prandtl, particularly those in collaboration with Tietjens.
    Putting it very briefly.
    The spanwise distribution of lift on any wing of finite span is eliptical. Far from being dangerous an eliptical planform is the most efficient. Hienkel and Mitchell (amongst many others) both knew this and used it to advantage and none of their designs were in the least bit prone to excessive tip stall. Note that straight tapered wings are used to approximate the elipse and ease manufacture.
    There is a risk of unacceptable tip stall only when the wing planform is so sharply tapered that it's tip shape in effect lies within the elipse of the lift distribution.
    The Tummelisa design was perfectly sound in this respect, the Dh 88 was not.
    Also, all wings of finite span need washout at the tip because the angle of incidence of the airflow to the wing increases as it approaches the tip due to the formation of the wingtip vortices. Without it the wingtip would always stall before the wing root.

  20. Bowdenja

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    OK picture my head with all those words going about 9 feet/3 meters over the top of it..............


    WOW!, to hear from a designer that wants to produce what people want is great! That's the main reason I love this hobby, designers listen to the builders! I love 1/33 scale myself, being cursed with big fingers and hands, 1/48 would be the next choice.

    ANYTHING you design at these scales WILL be purchased by me. I PROMISE!

    Just ask Nobi, I'm usually one of the first whenever he designs a new model!:grin:

    Meanwhile........... I love the MiG but alas it is too small for me, I hope you will enlarge it.


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