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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Mark_1984, Mar 17, 2007.

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    This blog is also worth having a look at. Links to lots of free models, and the origami video (half way down the page) is worth watching - the end result, after some 1300 off folds is incredible.
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    Can I get fries with that? LOL
    Nice! Thanx for the link.
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    Very cool! Working for Omaha Steaks, this will be a great prop! :grin: Thanks!

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    nice link !!! did fine some cool stuff like the necormancer , and howlmoveing castles that i lost when my hard drive when down they even have some viewful joe papermodel right form the game

    i did fine that steak dinner pretty funny :)

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    O.k...I've thrown in the eggs...who is going to make the fries ? :-D
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    Watching that amazing video I was thinking what a way to avoid cutting your fingers with a knife:twisted:
  9. Lex

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    I'm hungry already...
  10. Gil

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    Hey Mark,

    You're in Korea so where's the Bi Bim Bop! Or for dinner Pul Go Gi...,

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    Funny funny site!!
  12. hpept

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    Great find Mark! Thank you... I'm just thinking how to use it to make some jokes...

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