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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by GMRCNut868, Apr 20, 2004.

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    I was talking to an old friend of mine the other day, then the topic if duscussion turned to trains. I soon found out that my friend had a 4X8 layout sitting in his garage along with a couple boxes of rolling stock, locos, building etc. He said he had a desire to learn how to build scenery, run trains etc.; so we decided to build the layout he already had in his garage as a joint project. So he gave me the layout, and all the accessories, and in return i agreed to teach him the ways of model railroading, and allow him to work on the layout. Good deal eh? I got the layout and everything home this weekedn and set it all up in my basement, i cleaned up the old scenery and got the electrics working. I have attached some pictures of everything. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for the layout as far as scenery and everything goes. Any input would be appreciated!!
    The layout before clean-up
    A box of rolling stock
    The locos
    All of the gear together
  2. MasonJar

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    Model Railroader has several project layouts based on the 4x8 table top. You could start there.

    One of the best references for small layouts though has got to be Gateway NMRA. Here is their site:

    It looks from the pictures that you might even have a trackplan from one of the above sources.

    Sounds like a great project, and a good way to have fun with a friend.

    Good luck!

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    :thumb: :thumb: I would scenic the far end with a tree lined ridge (no tunnels) for a divider. I'd run the front as a clasification or thru yard rather than a destination, scenicing it as though it were on the edge of town, with no more than one small industry and a small passenger depot. Operations would be trains in/out, breaking them up and sending them on their way. You have a turntable so I would have a deisel servicing facility there as well. Too cool whatever you do.:thumb: :thumb:

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