Free Kawanishi Emily Flying Boat

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    Howdy guys,

    In my travels on the information superhighway, I passed by this site: offering a free download of a Kawanishi wwII japanese seaplane. (Much like the short sunderland).
    Ok, now to tell you how to get all the drawings. There is no real easy way for me to tell you so here is the google translated version of the site: . I wont even try to post any of the pages of the model, but here is a photo of the kawanishi emily as it appeared during wwII:


    I havent built this model yet, but I have recieved other models from the nippon foundation in the mail for free in the past. (I had written them an email telling them I appreciated their card models). So, if you have a minute, send them an email let them know you like their work and would like to be advised of future model releases.

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW

  2. is this a downloadable model or am i supposed to write them and ask for it to be mailed to me, like yours were? Any idea what scale the model is?

    I've been looking for an Emily for a while. :)

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    This particular model wasnt mailed to me, you will have to download the images from the site. sorry for the confusion.
    And no I havent a clue as to the scale of it.

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  4. shoki2000

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    Take a look at this one (towards middle of the page)
    it's in 1:200 scale but should survive some enlargement...

    Emily is truly an amazing plane and it deserves 1:33 scale model.........

    GEEDUBBYA - do they have any other ww2 craft?
  5. yes agreed.......i am surprised that there hasn't been a 1/33 Emily to this point and a Mavis too for that matter. Large Japanese and Italian aircraft (sm 79, Cant z1007 etc) seem to be sorely overlooked in this scale, for some reason..
  6. Very nice guys I got both of them just fine.

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