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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by knife, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. knife

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    Here's some photos of the C.S.S. Palmetto State, a free download from It was designed my C.T. Ertz, and goes together in less than a weeks' worth of evening sessions. The model is not listed in the "free" submenu of, you will have to find it under military ships.

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  2. ultra1

    ultra1 New Member

    it looks good

    maybe i'll try that 1

    by da way your models are first class models

    ultra stone
  3. knife

    knife Member

    The CSS Palmetto State isn't a new model, in fact it's one of the most popular models over at But since not everybody visits that site, and it's not readily apparent that it's free from there, I thought I would highlight it. Admit it, you looked at this thread because the word "free" was in the title.
  4. knife

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    Here's some shots of the growing Confederate Navy. The blue ironclad is the CSS Raleigh, a free download at another papermodelers site.

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  5. knife

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    With the completion of the C.S.S. Tuscaloosa the fleet continues to build.

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  6. LeeAnne

    LeeAnne New Member

    It appears that is off the net now. 8-(
  7. treadhead1952

    treadhead1952 Member

    He was off on a well deserved vacation, but he is back and up and running now.
  8. ChiTak

    ChiTak New Member

    That is NOT ecardmodelers which what is posted up thread
  9. knife

    knife Member

    Thank you very much for that catch. Sorry for any confusion. Here's the link:

    To download, you have to start an accout at ecardmodels, then add the model to your basket and checkout. The cost is $0, and you need to log back onto your account to get the download link. Most of the time the link is active for three days, and you are allowed to download it three times so you can put it on different computers.
  10. sailor return

    sailor return New Member

    Thank you, knife. Have just downloaded Palmetto. Looks a good 'un.

    Keith M
  11. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    thanks guys :) it will eventually be in the free section when I have time after adding all the new stuff :)
  12. ct ertz

    ct ertz Member

    Wow! Thanks Knife! Your builds by the way always are top rate. Thanks again,
  13. RazgrizBSG27

    RazgrizBSG27 New Member

    so, is back

    SUPERMAX New Member

    Just saw the Iron Clads great collection. Going to download one myself.
  15. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    ct ertz has single handily resurrected an important period of history, Some of his models are conjecture, and he states so, but it is important to see where the modern navies of the world wee born, and in a sense, where they are returning, as Littoral Combat is becoming very important again. :)

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