Free hi-res backdrops for diorama displays from NECA

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Revell-Fan, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. Revell-Fan

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    Hi fans,

    today I checked NECA's homepage for some action figure news - and found something great: Free printable high definition backdrops which you can use to spice up your figure and model dioramas! Till Xmas there will be 7 pages in total, loaded with awesome pictures of NECA's outstanding custom displays. The pics come in two sizes, 8.5×11″ (standard) and 11×17″ (tabloid), and in 300 dpi (that means, the files are fairly big).

    Day #1 deals with the Alien Queen chamber:


    Day #2 gives you classic Alien backgrounds:


    Day #4: Texas Chainsaw Massacre:


    Day #5: Alien corridors:


    Thank you, NECA! :)

    Grab them while they are available - and have fun and enjoy! :)
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  2. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    These look good.
    Do you have the link to the site?
  3. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    The links are in the first post. :)
  4. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    My bad. I thought that the links posted were just for the backdrops.
  5. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Well, they are but it is very easy to go to the other pages of the blog from there. :)
  6. Lee Clifton

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    Thanks for the heads up and the links. These are great. Nice early Christmas present.
  7. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Here are the links to the final backdrop pages:

    Day 7: Friday 13th backdrops

    Day 9: Aliens Powerloader backdrops

    Day 10: Rambo First Blood backdrops

    These images can be used for all kinds of dioramas involving Aliens, Predators, SciFi, Halloween and mystery scenes.

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