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Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by cygielski, Sep 30, 2005.

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    Couldn't get in there...

    Couldn't get in there. Seems to be for members only. - Leif
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    Can' access

    Same problem when I tried to access this site. Looks like members only.

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    you need to register with just like you did in the old board OS,

    and belonging to a polish board is not a bad thing, i have been through some of the posts on cars and trucks, and i have learned quite a bit just by looking, and having open at the same time helps too if i need to know a word or so

  5. tausugAir

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    I followed (I think) the instruction (?) on registering but nothing happens. Does it take a coonfirmation? regards to all,

  6. Texman

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    Yup, it does send a confirmation to your email, then you click that
    link to activate your account.

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    Thanks Mike!
  9. Leif Oh

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    Thanks - Leif
  10. Bowdenja

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    Add my Thanks too Michael!

  11. shoki2000

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    Rafal and I decided to make it even easier lol

    All caption were changed to English and model is formatted to fit both on Letter and A4 size paper.
    Model is offered as an open PDF.

    To get it, please visit
  12. phlipmbirner

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    Michael and Rafal,

    The Gee Bee has aways been one of my favorite planes. The FG GeeBee was one of the first paper models I built. Now I have this wonderful and detailed model to try to build of one of my favorites. And it was for free! Thanks much!

  13. tausugAir

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    To: Michael and Rafal : MANY, many, THANKS! I was about to lose heart in other website. Thanks, again...and more power to both of you...


    Muhammad (aka tausugAir)
  14. tausugAir

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    Texman, thanks.. But, I was able to get the PDF from Michael and Rafal suggested webpage....Best regards.... Muhammad
  15. Kaz

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    Thank you from Kaz as well :)
  16. shoki2000

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    We just found out that there was an error in the offered model...
    Nothing serious - just discard the W8 former....
    I uploaded the corrected model on my page, plus added some photos of the completed model supplied by Rafal Ciesielski.
    You can take a look at them here

  17. Gil

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    Danke Sehr!

    Kaz & Michael,

    Much thanks for a superb model, your generosity and making it easy to obtain.

    Best regards, Gil
  18. shoki2000

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