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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by wunwinglow, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    We ought to have some freebies on this site, specifically for beginners, and the rest of us slow learners, to try out. and maybe some more challanging pieces for the Heroes of Paper amongst us. Ron, you open to this? I don't know what the storage/traffic implications might be, but I'm sure we can put something useful together. The links page is a great place too, by the way!

  2. Ron

    Ron Member

    Hi Tim :)

    I'm not adverse to offering downloads such as beginner models etc except for our bandwidth restrictions. Right now as it stands we're limited to 5 gigs of traffic per month. When free models are offered the traffic goes nuts. So far the Dick Dastardly plane has been downloaded 149 times and that was *after* the big hype on SG. That probably doesn't include many many more d/l's due to the link being shared around etc. Imagine the traffic for a newly announced kit! SG members have been known to swamp servers (we get excited :)) It wouldn't cost much more to raise the limit to 15 gb of transfer and for just a bit more it could be raised to 30.

    If anyone can help with ideas to generate funding such as company sponsorship, donation drives or whatever, let me know. Site statistics are available if anyone wants to see pageviews etc. Right at this moment, I'm so far behind in everything as I was off work for over six months ill and the bills are still piled high.

    Since we're on the topic of new and neat things, what might we need around here? All ideas are always welcome and we'll try to accomodate
    as best as we can.

    All my best!

  3. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Ron, thanks for that, I did wonder if the potential traffic might be an issue! Something for the future maybe, in the meantime There are plenty of other models on the net that are suitable, and we can point inquirers in the right direction.

  4. barry

    barry Active Member



    At the risk of being too blunt about what do you need to make life simpler for yourself ?

  5. Ron

    Ron Member


    What we need is corporate sponsorship to the likes of Nike, Puma, Chevrolet, Lada (just kidding :)) It would be nice to land a deal with
    one of the blade companies Xacto or Olfa or even Selectum.
    Last year I got a wonderful letter back from the VP of marketing of Olfa USA stating that he would really be interested. I followed up on it and then it fizzled out. We get about 6-7000 page views a day and about 700-1000 unique visitors daily. That should be good for something! Instead of hitting up the generosity of members, I think a good sponsorship deal would work. I'm not a fan of banners and stuff but if the advertisement
    ties in beautifully with the site and it can benefit us all, great! Unfortunately, I don't think my negotiation skills are up to the task of hitting these companies up.Anyone?

    Another idea I had was a 'co-operative' section of the board. Maybe memberships could be sold for a minimum amount and in turn we could
    come up with more email addies, exclusive commercial models every couple of months and whatever other things we can dream up including the higher bandwidth. Making this place a welcome home for everyone and furthering the hobby is my prime directive. Time to move this to another thread?

  6. JRSeese

    JRSeese Member

    How about a poll to see if people would be willing to pay dues for exclusive content? My vote is a resounding Yea, for what it's worth. Since I seem to spend more time here than I do actually working on models.
  7. Ron

    Ron Member

    A poll is a great idea :) If we do manage to get the additional bandwidth,
    suggestions for freebies would be in order too. I'd be happy to do a stage by stage beginner's tutorial on one or more of them to get things rolling.

    Speaking of tutorials, has anyone had any experience using watercolors
    or any other medium for edge coloring? The tutorial in the articles section has sat incomplete for ages as I stick to pencil crayons.

  8. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Hi Ron et al,

    Maybe we're really missing the fount of all corporate sponsors here...., how about the printer, scanning and cardstock vendors. It seems that this site offers a fairly good reason to own a good printer primed and ready to go with the right color and weight card stock. Now about that card model you just bought and need to recolor..., how about the paint package people (Correl, Adobe etc.). An additional section to cater to beginners (like in children) with free models to suit would help increase the hit rate to the necessary level for sponsor interest. A complete how to book section.., Whoa! What abut Friskars!

    Some ideas, don't let me get carried away...,

    Best, Gil
  9. Texman

    Texman Guest


    Gil, excellent ideas for sponsors. But, with all due respect, one of the reasons I like this forum is the lack of "in my screen" advertising. No popups, no popunders, etc. With that said, if there were a way to
    make the ads small and un-intrusive, I do not see the harm in it.
    Anything that could make the site more productive, if applied well,
    is a very good thing, indeed.

    Thanks for listening

  10. barry

    barry Active Member

    can i suggest a poll of small donations in $5 incements to show what we can easily afford to send as donations. If you can't afford a donation at all it does not matter (I know what being bankrupt is like you need somewhere like this).

    At least this way it might help to know what we can raise ourselves until someone sponsers the site.

  11. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    That's a consideration for the cost of doing business. The item under discussion is "how to get the necessary bandwidth to allow model downloads". I agree with you that staying clear of the commercial garbage makes for a very clean and invigorating site amongst the clutter of the internet. The Yamaha site is a very cleverly done one in that it doesn't harrangue the viewer visually but instead presents it through card models...., clever in that they understand the method of building brand loyalty amongst their potential future customers. We don't have that luxury. We have a democratic site that allows free and open access to all without charge. Ron, I believe, has suggested that a poll be taken to ascertain the level of interest in a download surcharge. A kind of Gigabyte tax to offset the additional cost of providing such a service.

    We need a breakdown of costs of providing the additional service. A spreadsheet showing costs as predicated against bandwidth allowances. Nothing too fancy just simple stuff to get an idea of the arithmetic involved to get the job done.

    Best regards, Gil
  12. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi to all

    One way to increase funding would be to move the donations button from the bottom of the page to the top. :?:
    I only noticed it last night and used it.
    A lot more card fans I think would use it if they could see it.

    While going round the net I have seen some sites that offer models for sale to increase funding, just an idea. Start small and let it grow!

    As for the members donating money for more space, to do this it needs to be regular income to keep the service going.
    Subsriptions could be used with say a few weeks free to get modlers hooked.
    A vote would be a good idea


  13. Ron

    Ron Member


    If all things go well, thanks to your more than generous help! we will
    be transfering over to 1 gigabyte storage space and 5 gigs a day bandwidth!! This time all will be seamless as we will keep with the same system etc. I didn't want to stick that donation button in front of everyones face as it's embarassing enough and I don't want people to feel obligated.

    As one valued member put it, selling models almost goes against what we are doing here. which is trying to promote the hobby, techniques, designers etc. It's like being in competition with the people that keep us building.

    We're getting closer :) You guys should come up with a consensus on what you would want out of this. I'm sure that we could come up with free
    downloads and if we have enough donations or subscriptions, we could come up with some exclusive subscriber downloads. I'll leave it in your hands ( I love passin' the buck:))
  14. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    The idea of selling models, I think I did not explain what I mean. Was to sell the dealers models not designs of our own As an extra out let for them not compitition. I would not object buying my models for afew $ more. My be a purchase deal could be arrange with some of them.

    As for passing the buck, you can't do everthing. I have a little saying
    Problems you can get help with but heart attacks your on your own.
    Always willing to help.

    Chill out and pass the buck

    Best wishes

  15. JRSeese

    JRSeese Member

    There's a donation button? hmmm
  16. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi all

    Thanks for that jrseese (sorry I don't know your name) it seems to show that not all are checking out the bottom of the site.

    This my be as you scroll down the page you come to a blank page. This was the reason I thought of moving it as I only found it by wondering whats at the bottom.

    The button does not have to be a flashing huge icon, just the button moving up. Just a thought. If you can't see it you can't use it :?: :?:


  17. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Ron, I agree, move the button to the top somewhere. It doesn't have to be glaring, but I missed it too until it was pointed out at the bottom. Hey, don't be worried about this! I reckon a few dollars donation is no more than I spend on aeroplane and modelmaking magazines in a few weeks, and I spend a lot more time reading on this site!! Great value for money, I reckon.


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