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    Howdy Guys,

    I came across these while surfing, they are unique in the way they are constructed in my opinion. I have never seen any put together quite like this. The Planes include:De Havilland Vampire F1, Aeritalia G91Y, Kawasaki Ki 45 and many others all for free.
    The website is:

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  2. jleslie48

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    neat stuff. I took a look at the meteor. split fuselage, neat idea.
  3. Darwin

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Darwin,

    ok ya lost me, what do you mean "STRUCTOSPEED LIVES"?????????

    have a good evening,

    Greg aka GW
  5. Darwin

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    GW, missed your response to my comment. You had to be around in the 50's to have full understanding....Structospeed was a balsa model kit line that was constructed very similarly to our paper models. Print the FG Cub on balsa sheet and you have a Structospeed kit. They were real allowance-killers!
  6. Willja67

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    I've seen this site posted before in the internet finds and nobody said anything about it then. Guess that doesn't necessarily mean anything though.
  7. Darwin

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    this is likely another discussion in the order of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. None of the models posted are (at least at present) "commercial" in respect to having to pay for them, so I don't think the site would be classed as a pirate site. However, at least at first glance, it looks as if the files are direct download and not links to the copyright holder's download, and I didn't see any credits given to the original designer...hence, my suspicion it is "unauthorized," and lies more in the realm of ethics than legality. In any event, I leave it to the model designers to voice displeasure regarding this one.
  8. Maurice

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    Hi folks

    I've known of this site for a few years now but I've never seen any of the designs on any other place. They are a very distinct style and I've always thought they were his own.

  9. 46rob

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    Good ol' Structospeed models......I must have bought a thousand of them as a kid. Cheapest ones cost a dime, plus another for a tube of that Comet Wood glue. Left a nickel out of my allowance for a bit of sweets. they olso came in larger sizes, 25 and fifty cent models. If they made any larger--I wouldn't know--they'd have been out of my price range. Eventually graduated to the Comet stick and tissue kits. Seeing a sheet of balsa, printed in blue still brings back a rush of nostalgia. Here's a link to some of thieir old nickel kit plans:

    Might be a good start for someone wanting to design their own first card model.
  10. possm_23

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    I'm lost........:razz: :razz:
  11. lakedweller

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    Thanks for the "nickel" link

    Hey Rob....thanks much for the link to the "Nickel" plan site.....I spent most of the afternoon just browsing everything was like I was walking down the aisle of the "Five and Dime" store in the 40's....brings back fond memories.....always thought the models cost a lot in those day....yes it's all changed but not the love for models....paper or balsa....thanks again
  12. 46rob

    46rob Member

    Ya had to be there at the time. Comet kits were the bargain basement of model building. Cheap and plentiful. Nearly every dime store sold them.
  13. FredZ KSAC

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    Old time balsa kits........

    Hi Rob and all...I grew up about 5 miles from the Paul K Guillow factory in Lynnfield, MA [Factory :) more like a collection of one story wooden garages.] I think I built all of the low cost [really low cost] models they offered. Great fun!! BTW, did you ever build the Monogram Speedibuilt kits?? Isin't nostalga fun??
    Fred Z

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