Free download B-58 Bomber

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Huey, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Huey

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  2. rickstef

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    good catch

    always thought of this as a very sexy plane, now to buy metallic paper

    EDIT: and this coming from a devout helicopter nut
  3. NOBI

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    Powerful of Metaseq and pepakura again.
  4. Longshaor

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    The link is dead

    Anyone have a copy downloaded they's be willing to share? Looking to add to my bomber collection.

  5. igoraf

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  6. Texman

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    Check the date of the original post. Don't know how this showed up, but
    it probably isn't out there anymore.

  7. Longshaor

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    How this post got up here is I found that the link was dead and was asking if anyone who downloaded the B-58 would be willing to send me the file. I build almost exclusively in 1/350 so the lever of detail in a commercial kit from GPM or JSC is WAAAAY beyond what I need.
  8. igoraf

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    Thank you and sorry. I didn't note the date.
  9. wyverns4

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    I have it


    I have this file. Contact me off board if you still need it. Not sure what scale it is, but it all fits on 2 pages. :wave:
  10. Andreas

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    Hy Folks,
    Mamecraft must have disappeared from this site just a few days ago.
    Greetings Andreas
  11. domingojs23

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    Retrieving Mamecraft B-58 and Other Models

    Dear Friends:

    Don't forget even if a link is down chances are it has been saved in the "Internet Archive." Just access: Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
    and type in the url. Worked for me, just got the B-58 from the archived Mamecraft site a few moments ago. However, the pictures for the instructions are incomplete.

    Cheers !

  12. paper_dude

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  13. Frank Kelle

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    Yes, this is right. It works for me too. But - as already written - the instructionpics are missing, only one appears when I open the side, unfortunately.
  14. Al hazlet

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    Likewise, but thanks for the model anyway!
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