Free DC-3 model, 1:72, Swiss Air Lines

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Bob43, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member

  2. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Cool! Thank you, Bob!:cool:

    Another nice model! You really are cranking them out!:thumb:

  3. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member

    Thanks Russell,
    I'm going to give it a bit of a break - I'm fagged out!
    I will start improving the 6 or 7 models I've already made - the Dash-8 I wish to re-scale from 1:90 to 1:72, the latter now as standard scale.
  4. Canadian74

    Canadian74 New Member

    Do you have any commercial airliners? Like a 747 or A340?
  5. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member

  6. Canadian74

    Canadian74 New Member

    ^^ I checked Airigami, but it doesn't have instructions on how to build the aircraft...
  7. 72BMWR75/5

    72BMWR75/5 Member

    Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member | Welcome doesn't seem to have have instructions for its download card models, but they are pretty simple, in fact, all the very diverse models use the same techniques.
  9. redwolf28386

    redwolf28386 Member


    Great model!Thanks!

    How do you design your models? They look great!
  10. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member

    Hi Redwolf!
    For my first 2 Canadairs, I took 2 H----- scale models, wrapped bits of paper all over, flattened them, copied them. Bulkheads by measuring horizontal and vertical distances.
    Later models a bit more sophisticated..... using 2 views of the aircraft from the internet (top and side usually, suitably scaled, I designed 5- 10 bulkheads, cut them vertically in 2 and glued them on a board of cardboard with the correctly scaled distances between them. Then I covered each bulkhead couple with paper, cut to size, then doubled etc etc. Then make the model numerous times, each time correcting a bit and so on. And then the livery ...... Help, when I read this, the perspiration comes! No more models for the time being. I wish to improve the ones I have already made in due course with details, rivets etc., basically always at a scale 1:72 .
  11. Canadian74

    Canadian74 New Member

    Ya, but I don't know how to fold the thing and I don't know what parts go where... Can you help me? Like can you send me a labelled diagram? This is the first time I am making something like this.
  12. Gomidefilho

    Gomidefilho Member


    Very Thank's!

    I liked it a lot DC-3 and of the C-54 also. Some chace of leaving Constelation and the Super Constelation or EC-121?

    Wonderful work! :thumb:
  13. redwolf28386

    redwolf28386 Member

    Wow, that sounds like a lot of work! I've just started designing my first project , the aircraft carrier Enterprise, and thats exactly how I 've started on the hull! So far I have a nice stack of paper "rocks"!sign1
  14. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member

    As I said, I'm fagged out! No, seriously, I wish at present to improve the last 6 models, and then possibly a PBY.
  15. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Super! I really like your planes. I would like toknow what PBY is though. :D
  16. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member

    PBY is a Catalina flying-boat. By the way Administrator, why do I get no more e-mails, but have to check the forum manually?
  17. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    I am not really sure Bob.
    I have checked your settings from my end and everything seems in order.
    I will have to check with Peter and see if he can take a look a little deeper.
    I know you will only receive e-mails when someone posts a reply in a thread that you have also posted in. It could be that that just hasn't happened lately unless you post in a lot of different threads.
    If people are replying without an e-mail being sent then there is definitely something wrong at Peter's end.
    We'll take a look at it.


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