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    Walnut shells are used for sandblasting as well. I had read somewhere that Woodland Scenics Ballast was in fact walnut shells. I'd assume you could dye the shells or paint them.

    Here's some math.....

    WS fine Balast in a 32 oz shaker weighs just under 1.5 lbs
    WS 32 oz shaker @ $8.29 (@towerhobbies) = $4.14/lbs or $0.25/oz
    50 lbs of walnut shells = $52 = $1.04/lbs or $0.06/oz

    I found the walnut shells at the link below, I'd assume you could find it cheaper elsewhere.

  2. What island do you need to go to for the dark sand? I'm thinking the next trip to Hawaii will be the big island - an I lucky???
  3. I went to the local stone engraver and the "dust" they end up with seems like it's to much of a powder to use as ballast on an HO scale track. Don't you need something a little larger for the rocks?
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    Well, if anyone is interested, I can dig some of those black/gray & the white little rocks out and mail some to you. Don't have money right now to get started on a layout like I hoped. So if someone wants to try 'em out, or have some in hand to know if it works to find more, I can pack as much as you want, that's not too heavy. :thumb:

    Doesn't do any good for it to sit in the garage. Or for me to search for more if it's not useful for anyone, or anything.

    Combat: You know you want some... :cool::wave:

    Edit. A picture for the people who didn't see it before.

    COMBAT Member

    Ahh those dont look bad. They are a little dark for what I need though. :(
  6. lester perry

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    I use stone dust from local asphalt plant. I have heard all the stories about metal in it. I have never had any trouble from shorts or magnets in motors picking it up. It would have to be a really strong magnet to pick it up from that distance an get it through the frame to the motor. I mean just to break it free from the glue, wow I would love to see the locomotive with that magnet in it. I have run without gluing it down and no ill effects. and I get a 5 gallon bucket for free take it home and sift it. I use the real stuff.
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    Don't breathe any of it or magnets will be the least of your problems. :cry:

    Personally, I like to stick to non-toxic stuff.
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    I'm wondering if those little colored rocks are the rocks that are mixed into Terrazzo floors? Terrazzo floors are a rock and concrete mix that is ground smooth after it is cured. The little colored rocks show up then.

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