FREE B29, F14, F15 AND MIG29 (legit site)

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Hey Guys,

    Ok, as I am still recovering from my "Mother of all free downloads Fiasco", I have been once again surfing the net in search of freebies.
    I found this link on the website. It contains free pdf downloads of a F-14, F-15, MIG-29 AND B-29 SUPERFORTRESS.
    all of the passwords for dowmload are included.
    Having just recently performed a real bone head manuever by posting a pirated site by mistake, if anyone suspects or knows this to be pirated products, PLEASE let me know, I dont wanna go thru that again.
    THE LINKS ARE AS FOLLOWS: --------- listing of many links to planes -------page with aforementioned plans.

    ps. if this is a repeat of a previous posting, i apologize.


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    addendum to the above

    Just a quick update to the above models, the f-15 requires a password also to open the pdf. Using the two models with passwords listed, i deduced that the password would be f15 (lowercase, no spaces). I am going to assume the same theory will apply towards the mig 29, if it requires one, you might try mig29 (lowercase again no spaces) or someother term like fulcrum.
    These files were relatively slow on my computer, but then of course i am using a 1995 compaq presario aka THE "ETCH-A-SKETCH"as my friends call it.
    Actually these look like beautiful models, above is the B-29, and below is a photo of the F-14 TOMCAT.

    ONE LAST SUGGESTION: WHEN SAVING THESE FILES, GIVE THEM A NAME LIKE B29 PASSWORD b29 , or F14 PASSWORD f14, or F15 PASSWORD f15 , this way you will always have the apssword for the file handy, especially if you share or move the file or files.

    have fun guys,

  3. Niels

    Niels Member

    It's OK - no panic

    As far as I know - are both Yuki Yuji and civi Cheng are wellknown and very skilled designers of paper models.

    Niels :D
  4. A C Spectre

    A C Spectre New Member

    I checked them out and had no problem opening any of them. There is also a MIR model on the page which I was able to open as well. I didn't have to use a password to open the MIG. The kits do look great but the F14 is colored blue and the F15 is grey which seems backwards to me but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I will be adding these to my growing collection of "TO DO PROJECTS".

    A C Spectre

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    tip for recoloring downloads on your computer

    Hey Guys,

    AC Spectre brought up something in this thread about the F-14 being colored blue and the F-15 being gray. Well, I operate an online "Novelty Photo" website, where in I place ppl in pics with their favorite celebrities or on magazine covers ( ) and thru my experience with my photo program and experiences as a site administrator at I have found ways to use the computer to transfer and image (screenshot) to another program for reformatting to jpg so as that I can manipulate it in my photo program.
    The following is how I go about "capturing" a pic, drawing, or "plan" from pdf format and transferring it to my photo editing program or paint program for "customization"
    1. bring up the desired image on your computer screen. (if you cant get the entire pdf drawing onscreen, reduce the size until it can all be seen)
    2. hold down the "alt" button and hit the "prntscrn" button up by F-12.
    3. Now you have some options. (a) open your paint program and transfer it direct to there by clicking on the "body of the blank paint screen, then holding down the "ctrl" button and then hitting the letter v . or (b) click start then go to programs, then accessories, then open WORDPAD (not notepad!), click on the main body of the blank page and hold down the "ctrl" button and hit the letter v.
    4. Now you are ready to "edit" in the paint program or save as a different file that your photo program will recognize.
    5. In paint, make any modifications you desire, you can erase, add to, re-color, DO NOSE ART...... etc. (I am able to change the overall color of the image thru the use of the "hue and saturation" feature on my adobe photo editing program once the "screenshot" is saved in a format the editing program will recognize).
    6. Having edited as desired in "paint program", click file, then click save as, then save as a 24 bit bitmap image.
    7. I then open my photo editing program and open the saved file, use the sizing feature (trim and size) and bring it back up to an 8" x 11" size which should be the original size of the pdf document.

    I know this sounds complicated, but i learned the screenshot thing on the chatsite and found an application for it in model planes plans. then mixed it with my photo editing abilities.
    Once again, to make a screenshot (capture the image) the "formula is as follows: bring up image so all of it can be seen, hold down "alt" button, hit the "prntscrn" button (by f-12) then open paint, hold down ctrl button and hit the letter v .

    feel free to email me if you have questions or if you would like for me to do one for ya.

  6. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    if you search around this site you will come up with other solutions using
    pdf print drivers like pdf995 and ghostview/ghostscript.

    One of the problems of screen capture is that the image captured will be in screen resolution - (standard - 96 dpi) not the original resolution of the image wrapped in a pdf.



    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Screenshot conversion

    this is the f-15 i reworked, its the download from above, i had to make it small here, but i printed it out here at home and it look the same quality (resolution) as the original. I also personalized it abit, (you might not be able to see it here, but i placed CMDR "Dubbya" on each side of the fuselage below the cockpit. I did all this in about 10 minutes time.


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    example of B-24 customizing

    Here is a customized B-24 I did for a friend with my photo editing program
    I have about 15 "varga girls" cut out (digitally cut out, not physically cut out, they are images pasted on the drawings) and ready to go on various planes as "nose art" and with my text insertion tool, i can "write" pretty much anything I want as a caption. But "Varga girls" arent the only thing I can use for nose art. I can "place" pretty much anthing on the model drawings for, shark jaws, eyes, "swastikas", "meatballs" (shootdown record for the plane) and/or small bombs (denoting mission numbers). Please note the "Lt. Redneck" that is also a customization.
    There is no limit to it, The "Danger jet intake" signs can be placed on jet models, I can customize tail numbers and fighter wing insignia, the sky is the limit.
    Thats not all, as i stated in my last post, recoloring of models are possible, and i can even change the aircrafts taking a japenese zero and placing USAF markings on it, making it appear as a captured aircraft. (There were numerous planes captured during WWII and paint with the capturing countries markings). Or I know we have all had a model that we loved, but we "wished it had different markings".....that can be done to.

  9. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member


    Good work on the recolors. That's one of the nice things about digital models. You can take one kit and make as many different versions of it you want as long as you have the time and patients. Presently, I am redrawing and reworking the GPM B-52. It is a good kit, but has problems in coloring and the representation of the aircraft itself.

    If you peruse the Articles section of the site (link above), especially the design portion, you'll find information on use of different paint programs for recoloring and redrawing.

    This site is a gold mine of information on almost anything regarding card modeling...from designing your own to repainting a kit. It's great!

    Also, for AC Spectre, the current F-15C and D models, along with the latter A and B models come in what is called the Ghost Gray scheme. It's two different grays on splotch patterns symetrically (for the most part) place on the aircraft. The original color of the F-15, known then as Air Superiority Blue, actually made the aircraft easier to see at high altitudes. I have yet to see any F-15 model which in my opinon, correctly portrays the current paint scheme of the fighter version of the greatest fighter ever produced. 8v)

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Thanks Ashrunner,

    I have recieved a few emails thru my regular posted email addy ( for me to customize a few planes. So apparently there are ppl like me who do like to have "unique" models.
    I will check into the forum you talked about and see what I can find, my only problem is a space limit on my PC. Like I have said, I am operating a 1995 compaq presario "ETCH-A-SKETCH". and with the photographs I do as a money making business in my town and with the freebies I do for friends online, its pretty full, which isnt saying much but, it means I cant d/l alot of programs into it.
    However, I would love to be able to have tools to design my own planes.
    well I need to run for now, bbl.

  11. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Nice repaint there sir!!! :wink:
  12. thesaint2008

    thesaint2008 New Member

    yuki yuji paper models not work any more
    ant one have the f14, f15 and mig29 yuki yuji paper models and uplod it pls
  13. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    These models disappeared a long time ago. They cannot be uploaded without permission from the author. Sorry!

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