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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by sergiotang95, May 9, 2009.

  1. sergiotang95

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  2. Dragos

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    Great , Thanks.
  3. PModel Rookie

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    It's beautiful!
    Good find:thumb:!

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  5. PModel Rookie

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    The tank looks cool but the link won't work,sadly.
    The cobra is a worth waiting for the site to load.
    Good find:thumb:

  6. gwssms

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    I got the tank by right clicking and loading it in a new window.
  7. gwssms

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    I think they are designed to print on colored paper.
  8. PModel Rookie

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    Is any model on the site allowed to be gift away(email,etc.).If it isn't,can someone send the tank to me?It's still refuse download(tried new window,new tab,save link as,and left-clicking it).

    BTW,I don't know what's a copyright.

    Please and thanks.
  9. DHL

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    i like it

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