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    On my layout I am building a farm. I do like it to look good but it my first time
    making farm scene. So any in put on this subject will be very helpful. The farm is on a hill or mountain with a track at the bottom for cars to park.
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    It's hard to do fields, especially in N. I have seen a way that works in HO that may work in N, that is using green yarn. another way is one I have never seen in person but heard it works well in HO, maybe it will work in N, but it is to wind green twist-ties together, trim edges, then "plant" them into the ground. you could go easy & make it an apple farm, or an orange farm, depending on what locale your modeling.
    Hope I helped
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    LOL the title says frams. :)
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    Most farmers would be reluctant to cultivate fields with too much slope--erosion and the possibility of tipping equipment being some of the reasons.

    Your farm might be more suitable for grazing cattle, goats, llamas, horses, etc. They are also easier to "plant" on the layout. Grazing areas can be modeled simply with ground foam or similiar scenery materials.

    Here are some pictures from my layout--first, a farm on flat land with a pivot and some outbuildings; then, a hillside area with cattle grazing on the hills).

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