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    Gotta agree with Stripes on all counts. My father-in-law used to live in Durango, and we would do visit him every year. The four corners area has a lot of varied, interesting things to do. Mesa Verde, Wolf Creek Pass, Moab, Monument Valley, Sante Fe, etc. are all within driving distance, and all spectacular in their own way.

    When we did Durango & Silverton narrow gauge railroad trip, we went in an open cab car, and had a blast (although we were all quite sooty by the end of the trip sign1 ).
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    Did somebody say
    Wolf Creek Pass!

    Me an earl was haulin chickens on a flatbed out of wiggins, and weed spent all night on the uphill side of thirty-seven miles of hell called wolf creek pass. which is up on the great divide?

    We was settin there suckin toothpicks, drinkin nehi and onion soup mix, and I said, earl, lets mail a card to mother then send them chickens on down the other side. yeah, lets give em a ride
    Wolf creek pass, way up on the great divide
    Truckin on down the other side
    Well, earl put down his bottle, mashed his foot down on the throttle, and then a couple a boobs with a thousand cubes in a nineteen-forty-eight peterbilt screamed to life. we woke up the chickens

    Well, we roared up offa that shoulder sprayin pine cones, rocks, and boulders, and put four hundred head of them rhode island reds and a couple a burnt-out roosters on the line. look out below
    Cause here we go!

    Well, we commenced to truckin and them hens commenced to cluckin and then earl took out a match and scratched his pants and lit up the unused half of a dollar cigar and took a puff. says "
    Aint this purdy up here.

    I says, earl, this hill can spill us. you better slow down or you gonna kill us. just make one mistake and its the pearly gates for them eight-five crates a usda-approved cluckers. you wanna
    Hit second?

    Wolf creek pass, way up on the great divide
    Truckin on down the other side

    Well, earl grabbed on the shifter and he stabbed her into fifth gear and then the chromium-plated, fully-illuminated genuine accessory shift knob come right off in his hand. I says, you wanna screw that thing back on, earl?

    He was tryin to thread it on there when the fire fell off a his cigar and dropped on down, sorta rolled around, and then lit in the cuff of earls pants and burned a hole in his sock. yeah, sorta set him right on fire.

    I looked on outta the window and I started countin phone poles, goin by at the rate of four to the seventh power. well I put two and two together, and added twelve and carried five; come up with twenty-two thousand telephone poles an hour.

    I looked at earl and his eyes was wide, his lip was curled, and his leg was fried. and his hand was froze to the wheel like a tongue to a sled in the middle of a blizzard. I says, earl, im not the type to complain; but the time has come for me to explain that if you dont apply some brake real soon, theyre gonna have to pick us up with a stick and a spoon.

    Well, earl rared back, and cocked his leg, stepped as down as hard as he could on the brake, and the pedal went clear to the floor and stayed there, right there on the floor. he said it was sortlike steppin on a plum.

    Well, from there on down it just wasnt real purdy: it was hairpin county and switchback city. one of em looked like a can fulla worms; another one looked like malaria germs. right in the middle of the whole damn show was a real nice tunnel, now wouldnt you know?

    Sign says clearance to the twelve-foot line, but the chickens was stacked to thirteen-nine. well we shot that tunnel at a hundred-and-ten, like gas through a funnel and eggs through a hen, and we took that top row of chickens off slicker than scum off a lousiana swamp. went down and around and around and down till we run outta ground at the edge of town. bashed into the side of the feed store
    In downtown pagosa springs.

    Wolf creek pass, way up on the great divide
    Truckin on down the other side
    Wolf creek pass, way up on the great divide
    Truckin on down the other side

    CW McCall

    The scary part is Chip Davis, half of CW McCall is now Manhiem Steamroller!


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