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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by planeshavings42, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. announce1Hello All, I just found a site that sell's model RR items direct from China, and the item quality is impressive, and the prices are WOW, ie. 100 HO gauge working lamp posts, $16.95 plus shipping, and I'm very impressed at the quality, they have many more items ie. trees, etc. I'm posting his address, you will have to cut and paste it to your URL box, or what ever it is called, and it will take you to the man's store on eBay, don't log into eBay and paste it into their box, it won't work. You can also just click on the URL below and it will take you there, but when you get in and try to purchase you will probably be taken to a Log In Page.Enjoy.

    eBay Store - everydaygoodz: Train Set Model, architecture model, Radio Control Toy

  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Have you purchased and received anything from this vendor?

  3. Freelancer

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    I have looked over his stuff a couple of times and they look pretty good, but some of the light poles seem a bit "heavy". Also, he does not have a specified scale so I was wondering how they would look in an HO scale scene. If you have any pictures I would love to see them.

    Thanks, Freelancer
  4. Answer Masonjar

    No, but my son has, and he called me from Wisconsin, and he was quite impressed with the quality, the drawback however it took him nearly 3-1/2 weeks to receive it, but that doesn't bother me, as long as I am pleased with the quality. To be honest, they only require 6 volts of power, so this might pose a problem, maybe a resistor of some sort to cut down the 16 volts a DCC system uses,, or variable power transformer, and not turn it up too high, if anyone knows of what kind of electronic resistor or what ever I could use, please don't hesitate to reply, any help here would be appreciated. Thank You. :thumb:
  5. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    That's good to hear that your son is pleased.

    As far as powering the lights, you might try the "fixed" DC out of an old power pack, in combination with a resistor to bring the output down. You should NOT power them with the output of a DCC system.

  6. Hello Freelancer, You're right about the scale thing, for instance, he describes his item L111X40 as Scale: 1:87-1:160 Approx. 86 mm Height Complete with wires and bulb Quantity 40, and when we (My son and I) did the math, they come close enough to 1:87 scale, ie. 86MM is 3-3/8" high, seems just about right for industrial street and freeway lighting. As I posted in an earlier reply, my son has placed and received an order, and he is well pleased with the quality and dimmensions. I don't have any pictures yet, but I have placed an order with them, and when they arrive, I will put some along an Engine, and some other scenery and take a couple of shots and post them, unfortunately my son doesn't have a digital yet, but has put in an order with Santa.
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    Cool, thanks! I just ordered some Palms, I'll tell you how they look, and how the service is!
  8. Thank's Josh, we haven't ordered any trees yet, will be interesting to see how they turn out. :wave:
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  10. I just checked this site Josh, but their priced seem to be about tripple of the other one. ie. $56.99 for 100 lights, vs. $17.95 for 100?, it's still a heck of a deal though, and it's always good to have several sources, Thank's Josh.
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    Well, I guess it's OK to post ebay links on the-gauge, so allow me to glob on here;

    I just had great success selling structures at the last two GVRR Train Shows, selling most of my pieces both times.


    I went and did it, my first ebay auction listing! As a man of vision, I see 11 hits, no bids and my Amex carded $2.40 by the end of the week. Am I just a pessimist?

    My item is buried in: Toys & Hobbies > Model RR, Trains > HO Scale > Buildings, Track, Access. > Buildings, Structures > Other ...but that seemed like the best category for it.

    What should I do do make the piece more visible to the Internet shoppers?

    The auction site never prompted me for a bank routing # when I registered, if I do sell, how will I get payed?


    I would never do this; But what is the impact of bidding on your own item. I'd be curious to see the whole auction process, just this once.

    Thanks to all you guys who are old hats at this. I appreciate the responses. :thumb:

  12. jbaakko

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    1. I think its more of a price to newbie ratio, people will be leary of buying from someone with no feedback, when its an expensive item like that.

    2. The buyer would pay you by money order, cash, check, whatever you said they can pay by. To use online payment, you'd have to register somewhere like (Which is owned by eBay)

    3. DO NOT bid on your own item, for one, you cannot with your own user name, two, if you made a second account, and did bid, you can get banned from eBay for life, and third, if it does not sell, you only pay the listing fee, if you sell it to yourself, you pay the listing fee, PLUS a percentage of the closing cost.
  13. Freelancer

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    I know how you feel, but you are only into the auction a few hours, wait it out. It seems that a lot of the bidding goes on closer to the end of the auction. Another thing to try is to lower your price. I have seen things that did not sell their first time around, but then when they were relisted at a lower price, they sold for higher then what their first posted price was. It can be hard to do, especially if it does not sell at the price you wanted. The other thing you can do is add a reserve price. This will allow you to start the bidding at a lower price which will increase the bidders by giving them hope that they will win, while at the same time saving you from losing out on your item.

    As for getting your item noticed, you already have a gallery picture which helps out a ton. You can try listing it in two categories, although it doubles your listing fees it will also double your chance of selling. Another thing to note is that you do not have a reputation on ebay yet so people might be skeptical purchasing such an expensive item from someone with a low rating. You might want to try selling items with less value until you have had a chance to build up your reputation. You have a lot of good pictures in your listing, but you might want to try and expound on your description a bit. Go into some more details about the item and point out things that might not be evident from the photos. Another thing is your title, you will want something that will catch the buyers attention. Instead of "one of a kind" try custom built, scratch built, or weathered. There are other options on ebay that can help your listing stand out such as bolding, or highlighting your listing, but those options cost extra. However considering the final selling price of your item, it may be worth the extra fees.

    As for bidding on your own item, do NOT do it. It is against ebay policy and not to mention unfair to the other ebayer’s.

    As far as getting looks like you have paypal as a payment option, ebay will most likely deposit the winnings to your paypal account. From there you request your payment from paypal, I think that they will either send a check to you or they will ask for your banking info and deposit it to your account.

    Just my two cents.

    Good luck and keep us updated on how things go for you.
  14. Ralph

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    Just to clarify, we have no problem with ebay links posted for informational purposes like this but we DO ask that members post ebay links to their personal sales in ONLY in the Auctions froum.

  15. I have been told, that if you get caught bidding on your own item, they may bring charges against you, and for sure, you will never buy or sell on E-Bay again, it would be risky, no to mention the honesty thing.:cry:
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    It seems that a lot of the bidding goes on closer to the end of the auction.

    You may be surprized how it goes in the last hours before your auction closes. There are many who are 'watchers' and eventually make a bid when somebody starts it off. It's a question of who's bottle goes first. Over here, in the UK, it's known as 'sniping'. I had an item on sale a few weeks ago and nothing happenned for four out of the eight days. Then there was one bid, a couple of days later another, and in the last hour several with people outbidding each other. I usually just watch it to see the fun. In fact it got to 10 seconds to closure and I refreshed the screen and found it had gone up by another $5 by somebody getting in on the last gasp. Phew!
    Don't get despondant, its a waiting game by those trying to get the item for the lowest price. If they show their hand early others might join in driving up the price (what you want of course), or hang on till the end and hope to snap up a bargain.
    Good luck, sell a few more items and its all old hat.
    I see you have had 88 viewings when I had a look - nice building.
    For the money you pay ebay is a world beater for sheer coverage. I regularly buy railroad items from the USA have sold railroad equipment from the UK to Austria, a bus kit to somebody in Florida, and sold a Ford limousine to a German collector for really what is loose change. Great !
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    Kyle, another way to get your item noticed is to use as many different words and spellings of them in your description. Don't worry about putting them in your heading. Most people I know include descriptions in their search parameters. If someone does a search for the kind of thing you are auctioning but you didn't include the particular word that they searched for, your item will not show up. Add prefixes, suffixes, even misspelling, anything that a search engine might pick up.
    I rarely browse, and search for whatever I am looking for. Makes me wonder how many sellers had what I wanted but didn't have the right phrase. :cry:
  18. N Gauger

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    It's a hedging thing - anyone caught having friends "bid just to up the price" or opening a second account for the same purpose will be banned.... Funny thing is all you need is another address, another credit/debit card and another e-mail and youre back on again....

    a lot of bad sellers do this..
  19. Pitchwife

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    This seems to be the most logical reason not to bid on your own items.
  20. jbaakko

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    Sadly yes. I've been tracking a guy who sells custom MOW trucks, he's on his 4th user ID now on eBay. Don't think I'll EVER buy from him. :cry:

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