Fortezza Shuttle Pics??

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by NYC Irish, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Hello gang...anyone got a link to a few pics of the Fortezza Shuttle?
    Im giving a presentation to a local astronomy group and I would like to show them it

    John John
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    does anyone know if he ever finished the landing gear or cockpit mods?
    I tried reaching him by email about this but he never answered.
  4. Hans Christian

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    As of today, there's still no updates for them...

    The last time he put some updates was when he put repaints for the other orbiters (except Enterprise)... The columbia repaint was inaccurate though...
  5. Bengt F

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    Raimondo Fortezza´s Endeavour Shuttle and Raketoplán Atlantis

    Hello John John,

    Here´s a link to U-don´s Factory in Japan - on his extensive home page of paper modelling, there are these close-ups of the Endeavour by Raimondo Fortezza. The colour of the shuttle stack (I think it´s Bill´s from Jon Leslie´s site) is a little bit too much orange for my taste, though - should be dark brown, IMHO:
    And, on the previous page you´ll see links to many other space models:
    Also, try hitting the BACK button and "Leviathan" and you´ll get a very nice submarine model!

    And here´s a link to the original shuttle model that Raimondo Fortezza "copied", or perhaps developed, the "Raketoplán Atlantis" card model,
    which came out as a 10th anniverary model of the first flight of the Atlantis.
    This one has got a full landing gear setup, wheel wells and a full cockpit interior with internal walls, cieling and even templates for the windows.
    It also has a full model of the Magellan Venus space probe, recreating the STS-30 mission, some info on the planet Venus (in Czech, if you are familiar with it?) and a list of Atlantis´flights up until June 1, 1999:
    Just click "Technical models" and you´ll see a list at the left-hand margin - scroll down to the two space models they have. The second one is the 1:72 scale Raketoplán Atlantis shuttle model. It says on the page that it´s SOLD OUT. However, about six months ago, I ordered one (after mailing them first) and I got in in a couple of weeks. It´s one of my treasures now - I have scanned it but I will not cut it up. So, what I´m doing is combining the two models in approximately 1:72 scale - Raimondo Fortezza´s shuttle model (enlarged about 50%, to A3 size) with Pavel Bestr´s landing gear, cockpit interior and Magellan probe (scanned parts) - it works out fine, so far.
    It seems that the people at Betexa have done a re-print and they may still have them in short supply - try mailing them first, they are very friendly.

    Good luck and Sláinte,
    Bengt :grin:

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