Ford Prefect Hitchiker's Guide (BBC)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by BazookaJo, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Okay - for all 6 of us Hitchiker's fans here is my best shot at a Ford Prefect model to accompany Marvin.

    Turned out to be a real challenge (read PITA) for me, but I'm fairly happy with the result considering how nondescript David Dixon's face is (well that's my excuse).

    At leat I managed to get the most of Ford's hitchiking kit in there i.e. 6 pints of beer, 2 packets of peanuts, the guide (and case), the thumb, a towel, and even a babel fish in a jar that's in the process of being spilt over the pub table onto classic British pub carpet...

    Anyway - time for a breather methinks ;D






    Oh and the can of peaches appeared in the special edition DVD...
  2. Make that 7 fans of Hitchhikers. A friend at work is always saying he is never alone with a rubber duck. He'd like these on his desk methinks.
  3. trt

    trt Member

    I'll call 8, apart from the so called film. I went with a with a broke leg. It was mine, other wise I would have walked out.

    Nice model. Zaphod next? At least you can just copy the heads!
  4. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    Very frood! :thumb:
  5. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Wow, that is truly excellent! Sorry for not posting more, I just admired your work from a distance and great it is! :)
  6. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    I guess I get to be fan # nine
    good work on the models
  7. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Thanks for the generous comments :)

    And I'm right with you trt on the movie - I reckon you could power a small city if you could harness the energy from Douglas Adams turning in his grave.

    And if anyone disagrees they really need to dig out the DVDs for the TV show - I haven't seen it in years but was researching the parts and every scene is a classic:

    Ford: "And keep the change"
    Barman: "From a fiver sir?! Thank YOU sir!
    Ford: "You've got exactly 10 minutes left to spend it."

    Oh and as for the next character - it of course has to be Arthur Dent!

  8. Red

    Red Member

    link link I want to build this.
    Good work :thumb::thumb: Bazookajo
    and after your done with Arthur Dent
    the real challenge will be getting the two heads to boble on Zaphod Beeblebrox sign1
  9. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Hi Red - probably take me a week or two to finish the kit and instructions, then it's all yours :)
  10. PlutoniumBoss

    PlutoniumBoss Member

    All the changes most commonly complained about were written by Adams himself, so I don't think he's turning, but he may be wearing a trollface. Really, I can accept the movie as its own thing, because no two versions of the story ever agree with each other. The books are different from the tv series, and both of those differ from the radio plays.

    As for the paper models shown here, fantastic job, can't wait to see more. I agree that Arthur Dent is probably the best choice for next model, and when Arthur is done Zaphod should be next.
  11. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

  12. Maverick65

    Maverick65 Member

    Thanks for keeping us Hitchhikers informed, I'm sitting on my hands in anticipation...but take your time me friend cause I know it will be way worth it.

    Thanks for sharing,

  13. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Just a quick note to say I finalised the parts for Ford last week, so while the 3D parts map is still to be done - I should be able to put the part references on next week without fail if you're in a hurry ;)
  14. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    BazookaJo, you re such a legend in this community, I would just like to tell you we are honored to have you posting here, It's Great!! :)

  15. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

    Cheers Zathros - glad you like the models :)

    I'm the same - so many guys on here doing some amazing stuff and contributing to the craft - it's truly inspiring...
  16. BazookaJo

    BazookaJo Member

  17. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    You amaze me!! You make Art available to the masses!?!

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