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    Wisconsin Central Transportation Corporation is a holding company which operates a regional North American rail system in Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, northeastern Illinois, eastern Minnesota, and Ontario and owns minority interests in and participates in the management of rail operations in the United Kingdom and Australia, and ferry and rail operations in New Zealand.

    With the WC buy out with CN. I don't know if this changes. I think those people who lives outside of the US would be interested in reading this!

  2. Woodie

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    News to me.... dunno what sort of involvement. I'll check it out. I know the ferry/rail operations in New Zealand, but I still thought they were Gov't owned. hmmm. All railways were gov't owned here until about 5 years ago. They sold some of it off then and since. Too whom, I'm not sure.

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    sussed it out. WCTC own 25% of the railways in New Zealand. The Gov't there sold it off about 4 years ago together with rail/ferry operations between the north and south islands. As a condition of sale, anything transported in New Zealnd more than 160 kms, must go by rail. Get the trucks off the roads. Bit of triv.... I spent all day one Sunday, going back & forth on the inter island ferry. Only place in New Zealand you could get a drink on a Sunday!!!!
    WCTC also have interests in the railroads of Tasmania. (I didn't think there were any!! Thought they shut them down about 20 years ago) and also involved in transport of the wheat harvest in Victoria and New South Wales. Mostly an investement in rolling stock. hmmmmm... the things you find out! [​IMG]

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    C.N.does not want anything to do with over seas operations and they will be sold.
    I think all this has already been said before, like about a year ago.

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    IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL.................
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    This is all old news, guys.

    Better read TRAINS a little more often to keep up to speed.

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    Tell that to the Author of this subject, he lives so close to the W.C. main that he should be able to tell us all what color eyes each of the on board crew has.

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