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    MilesWestern had asked a while back about scrap yard pics and I finally got somthing good to post.
    The first and formost thing to rember if you want to model a scrap yard is there should be at least four piles, one for long heavy Iron like farm machines and the like, then one for the heavy iron after it is chopped smaller then one for tin and long lighter iron to be chopped and one for after it is chopped.If you want to model crushed cars you need to hve a car crusher included and at least one shear crane to cut the stuff up unless the L.P.B's. cut it all with a torch sign1 and a fence is almost a absolute as are wide drivways to back the customers in and turn the cranes around and a magnate to load and unload you also can ship by rail witch will need a rial scale or by hopper trailer semi witch will need a outside scale

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    sorry forgot some pics

    1. typical uncut pile
    2. car crusher
    3. the remnants of the crusher
    4. future victims LOL
    5.a shear crane to chop the iron down to size

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    and more yet

    1. up close for modeling a shear cancel that it wont let me do it ??
    2. got to have a mag crane or the L.B.P's try claim back probs. LOL to get a weight, the thing on the end there is a radation detector got to keep out the bad stuff

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    WOW!!! jawdrop That's just the info I needed!!! Thanks so much! :) Do you get any railroad stuff, or are there scrapyards dedicated to railroad equipment? Can you mix general scrap iron bars, old fridges, and old cars (in their respective piles of course) and railroad equipment? Thanks so much! I'll rework my scrap yard a little to fit this! What's inside the large building?
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    When steamers were scrapped "en masse" in the 1950s to 60s :cry: many of them were towed to a central location (a siding in a yard) and simply cut up as they sat on the rails.

    Engines that are being salvaged for parts would likely be on the rails outside the shop(s) where their parts are going. It is very expensive and difficult to get the locomotives off the rails to ship them anywhere (relatively) intact.

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    One thing that is usually missing from modeled scrap yards is the large quantity of sloppy mud, complete with buried scrap. Unless the yard is in a dry area, or it's the dry season, most yards that I've strolled through were a muddy mess. I think the pics will attest to that.
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    Our main yard in Iowa has rail service they might get a few things in as far as cars and what not but never been there so cant say for sure.
    I have seen pics come throught the office of a derailment where we have hauled the shear crane to the location and chopped to badly damaged cars on sight and hauled the scrap out from there. "come to think of it that might be a intresting thing to model"!!
    But back to the subject we have gotten one wheel set in that come in the six years I have been there but that is the closest I have come to getting rail scrap in since we dont have rail servicing our yard and "MUD" is a definite far a yard thanks for adding that unless you have a yard somwhere in the desert.
    The big building in the back the Red and whit stripe one is where we sell new steel the big greay one is where recycle metals (copper,alum.,brass, anything that wont stick to the mag. goes in there we also have a can flattener that I will post a pic of after I get it all fixed and explain that.
    Also no we dont mix aplainces and cars and all that car go by themselfs flatten tham put them on a truck to go to the shredder aplainces get bailed or turned into a block then sent to the shredder then you have whats called #2 iron thats pretty much chromed stuff, tin, wire,old cans stuff like that its the the junk of the iron world they make that into tin cans and the like.
    then you have Griffen or (heavy iron) thats old farm implants tractors stuff that they will make into structeral steel( I beams girders the like) the boss put it to me this way (if you wouldnt want to stand in a building recycled from it put it in the number two pile) any more questions let me know and sorry for dragging on like this but just trying to cover any questions you might have.:thumb:

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