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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Darwin, Jun 11, 2004.

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    Thanks Darwin

    My ankle bitters will love this, they are worse than me for making things out of card.

    Very good site for the kids.


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    :D :D

    Darwin you hit a gem here, it has kept my kids happy for hours. Right now they are building the paddel steamer on the site, ideal for kids

    Any one with young kids needs to check this out!!!

    Thanks again Darwin, spot on


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    Thank you Darwin. Now I have to negotiate with my kids to use my own PC!!

    Tim P
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    One note of caution. For models that spanned over several issues, such as the Western Express, and had more than one standard seems to have been established for scanner resolution, so one needs to play with them to get consistent page size during printing. The final results are worth the bother, though. I've just finished up the Western Express for my grandson, and am now working on the Western Town and Fort go go with it. As soon as I figure out the new camera, I will post some photos (but only if Scorpio promises not to laugh).
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    I know it's hard, but if Scorpio laughs at my work, I think
    he has earned that priviledge. Won't enjoy it, but begrudge
    him either!

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