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    I saw in the sawmill construction thread that you have a detailed bait and tackle shop. I would love to see some pictures of it. I'm sure there are others here that would like to see it also.
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    Sorry my response time has been so long, I've been fighting software compatibility problems, that have now been bypassed by going to Firefox as a browser.
    I had to sit here a moment, trying to remember whether or not I had taken any pictures of "Ozzie's Bait and Tackle". This was a small "T" shaped two pump gas station. I removed the gas pumps, and enclosed the drivethrough area, to build the shop.
    "Ozzie's", was on the south side of Merrick Road (RT 27), in Copiague, N.Y., just west of Strong's Boatyard, on Strong's Creek...I bought my first Whammo sling shot there. When I acquired the gas station at a swap meet, its size, dictated where on the modules it would go, and that location was perfect for a bait and tackle shop. It then became "Ozzie's".
    I will look through my photos, but may have to remove the module backboard to take some pics.

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