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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by hudsonelectric, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Just in for my unused North Shore Line blotter! :wave:

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  2. jetrock

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    Outstanding! I love interurban ephemera--I've got a Central California Traction drink coaster!
  3. Chessie6459

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    That's pretty neat. :thumb: I am sure he will like it. :wave:
  4. SAL Comet

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    Ha Hudson, I got two questions, What's a blotter, and why is a site about two decommissioned Navy ships?
  5. interurban

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    And i thought it was for me :rolleyes:

    We do not get any "stuff "like that up here :cry:
    Very Very nice Russ

    he he he I saved the picture and intend to print it out he he he. :thumb:
  6. Hey, SAL...

    I host two and I'm in the process of updating both. The postcard site is my own hobby and I'm going to add more content this weekend complete with thumbnail links to higher resolution scans. The is a site dedicated to the US Navy sailors who served onboard these ships. I traveled all over the world on DDG-4 including running combat missions along the coast of North Viet Nam. The server has them backwords right now...something I'll correct on Friday. Now...a blotter is a sheet of very absorbent paper based material used with liquid ink pens, like fountain pens. The ink doesn't dry right away, so a blotter can be gently pressed down over the writing to absorb the excess ink allowing the document to be folded, placed on a pile, etc. without having the ink smear.The use of blotters was so widespread prior to the introduction of wax based ink and ballpoint pens that they became an advertising medium. Here's a couple of more from my collection.

    Russ :wave:

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