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    The Red Mountain and Flat River Rail Road, along with Team Clueless Inc. is Very Proud to announce the acquisition of numerous Pullman Passenger Coaches.

    JR, Chief Financial Officer said:
    “Through a very generous gift from a long established 77 year old railroad, Red Mountain, Flat River has obtained 3 vintage Pullman cars. We plan on using these over 50 year old cars for our excursion tours running from just South of nowhere Virginia to about North of someplace North Carolina. We are absolutely ecstatic about being able to run these units, use them as Pullman intended them to be used. And to allow Friends, Families and Customers to live the “Old Time” adventures all of us look forward to. We plan on placing these units behind our vintage EMD F “A” and “B” units”

    &Son, CEO, Chief Engineer and General Mayhem Maker commented:
    “Oh Boy, WOW, Un-Bewebbable, Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh”

    Red Mtn and Flat River plan on a minor refurbishment and general Maintenance of the long stored units. Because these units were maintained and kept in very good shape their, more than 1100 mile trip from storage tracks, located just south of Tyler Texas to Roxboro North Carolina was accomplished in just 4 days. Red Mtn and Flat River’s current Engine roster includes 4 EMD F “A” Units and 2 EMD F “B” Units as well as other rolling stock to handle surrounding industrial base that they serve.
    Additional information may be forthcoming

  2. Ralph

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    Western Union telegraph
    To : JR. Chief Financial Officer Red Mountain and Flat River RR.
    From: Ralph CEO Kings Port & Western RR

    Congrats on acquisition of Pullmans...stop...Best wishes with excursions...stop...Wish I could ride one!...stop...Regards to Son...stop...Love his enthusiam!...stop.

    PS..I really like your signature line!
  3. JR&Son

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    How Bad do you want to ride?
    Go down to the line that starts
    Next Meeting April 21st........
    Yup me the boy and the mum will be cutting a swath thru the NC sandhills aboard a Pullman.

  4. JR&Son

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    Feb 25, 2007,
    Red Mtn & Flat River RR Engine shop (aka Moms Coffee Table)
    &SON has taken on the responsibilities of the COO (Chief Operating Officer)

    Minor issues with cars 200 and 800
    Test runs resulted in a catastrophic coupler failure on #800, resulted in a bit of an abrupt unscheduled stop of the last 2 units of the consist, only train personnel were on board checking and testing the system and no injuries were reported.Per the COO recomendation JR, (CFO) has replaced broken coupler with standard Horn Hook equipment (The &SON can not disconnect Protocouplers)

    Test runs revealed that #200 had a serious electrical issues. While part of the car kept electrical service, the other end not only lost power but smoke filled the car. After a trip to the CT Engine Shop (CT=Coffee Table) it was discovered that the primarly lead to the rear on the car had broken loose from the cars rear lighting electrical lug, resulting in arching and a partial meltdown of the associated high voltage lead. This lead was replaced with less than 400 questions and inspections by &SON, COO.
    The &Son's primary concern was "are you done yet?" which amounted to 375 of the 400 questions.

    After a few more test runs, it is thought the bugs will be worked out and the first non-profit run should take place in the spring.


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