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    Here is how I've been stringing the "feathers" for foldable wings. It is a bit like making window blinds. I drew ellipsis on Coreldraw and then used blend to draw a bunch of them. I printed twice, once on card stock and once on ordinary copy paper. I cut out both versions and punch holes with a leather working punch.
    Those needles are soft-sculpture/doll-maker needles. I dont really need them that long but that is what I have that will accept doily thread. I string a card piece and tie an overhand knot to hold it in place. Then I string a faceing piece out of paper and glue the two together. The knot in between the two layers should keep the "feathers" from slipping.

    I tried a bunch of messy failures in doing this. First I tried using sewing thread and a single sheet of card. The thread slipped out of the holes and got tangled.

    Notice the quilters pencil that slipped over to my model making territory from my sewing territory.

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