Fokker S-14 by Nobi

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    Hi everyone,

    some time ago Nobi asked me if I would do a test build of his Fokker S-14 design, couldn't say no to that and here are a couple of pictures of the model.

    A very nice model of the worlds first purpose-built jet trainer and as most of Nobi's models, easy but beautiful

    On one of the pics it is standing on an old cardmodel of the S-14 released by EMSCO in 1952.

    Nobi told me this model will not be sold through his internet-shop but by Papertrade in real paper only.
    This one will come with cockpit interior and wheel wells and a slightly different colour-scheme.
    Another model by Nobi, the Fairey Firefly in Dutch markings is already published by Papertrade.


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    Nice build for sure!

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