Fokker Friendship F 27, liveries?

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  1. We (, Paper Trade Holland) are working on a new F 27. It will represent the first commercial plane, flown by Dutch local air service NLM.
    We are exploring the possibility to offer the model with alternative liveries, but we need to know what you would like. Also, we need colour schemes - not just side views, but complete data: top / bottom, markings etc. Any help and suggestions are more than welcome!
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    When I was a kid I used to fly on Hughes Airwest from Spokane to Lewiston, ID to see my grandparents. During the early 1970s the aircraft used was a Fairchild F-27, the US built version. I have always had a liking for that plane in those colors.

  3. Hughes Airwest Fairchild / Fokker F27

    Good news for you: our Fokker Friendship / Fairchild F27 is nearly finished, and we will be making an Airwest version available as well. Digital print if I get at least 10 reservations for this, for lower numbers either laserprints or downloadable version. Price will be 20 EUR for printed versions, 15 EUR for download. It will be available by mid July. A 'white' version will also become available, so that people can add their own chosen livery.

    The picture shows a prototype. The 1:50 model will have highly detailed landing gear and moveable flaps, but can also built in a simpler version.
    More information and pictures on my website, Please mail me if you would like to reserve a copy, preferably via my site, or via this thread?

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    I will buy two Air West versions (my brother is also a fan of that plane).
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    The Fokker/Fairchild is awesome. The picture got me for a couple of seconds, had to take off the glasses. Nice job. Great balance on the nose work (structural), as far as fit and finish.
  8. Fokker F 27 and G-1 now available

    Glad to be able to announce that the Fokker / Fairchild F 27 Friendship (Dutch NLM version) is now available in print, and for overseas customers also as downloads. Other Paper Trade models can also be sent as downloads, on request. Please go to my website for further details (, or send me a private mail via the forum.
    Hughes Air West and blank versions will follow later this week.

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    She's a lovely looking plane, and the model looks brilliant - just one thing.... isn't she a wee bit close to the ground, or is that just the angle of the shot that makes her appear this way ? Great build of a fine aircraft :thumb:
  10. The distance to the ground is exactly to scale. It is just that you hardly ever come across a picture of the F 27 on the platform, close up...
    By the way, Airwest and blank versions are now available as well. For more downloadable Paper Trade models, see my website.
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    For the airplane to be that close to the ground, the struts would have to be completely compressed. I have refueled these aircraft. They have a distinctive "tail up" look to them. An easy fix though, just make longer oleo struts! Beautiful model though, very convincing!

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